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White Supremacy: "A Hoax"?

Incel alert!


So now we should import Somalians to be our slaves and mop our floors. Lol.

As for your other comments, boring.

Give some real answers.

Once again with the comprehension thing…

There is a precedent.

My reading comprehension is fine.

I am in this discussion with you looking to hear points of interest and contention about the topic.

You are in this discussion with me to tear down every single last word and to jump on any slight error I might make.

It is boring.

Come on, just make intelligible points. I don’t really want to get into a personal insults contest or for you to just repeat the same sarcastic/pedantic point a dozen times.

It is boring.

I’m just having too much fun with this word.

Now I’m bopping around singing Phil Collins “sussudio” with “Insouciance” subbed in.

For reference:

Also, that’s some hard core whitebread '80’s shit right there! Holey Moley!

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All the best, I won’t bother responding to you again.

You have literally added nothing of interest to the topic.

Instead you have been pathetic and embarrassing. No doubt you will consider this some kind of ‘win.’ Embarrassing.

Nope. Really it’s just been one. Sorry you feel so defeated already though.

Should I move in to the next word now, or have you had enough?

:notes: Insou-sou-sou-souciance :notes:

Then you’ll have no one left to talk to.

Come on @zecarlo…why don’t you get woke and stop being sarcastic?


To be fair, he’s not doing any talking. This white nationalism stuff never has real talking points. Just a bunch of whining about white culture from people who know they’re going to be outperformed by foreigners.

Strange lack of white nationalism coming from people outside the bottom 10%. I’m sure it happens somewhere

Damn I missed quite the shit show.

Make one little thread saying white supremacy is a hoax and then the white supremacists who never post come out to prove it wrong. How fun.

God damn what it must feel like to be terrified of becoming the minority like a little bitch. I’m white and haven’t been bothered with it one second. People acting like the moment it happens all white people will be fucked. Let me make a prediction: When it happens we will still massively have big majorities in all political positions.

“Has no real talking points.”

The rapid and systematic reduction of the white population, from 98% majority in 1900 to an ever decreasing minority by around the mid 21st century, is not a real talking point. Lol.

That’s not a talking point. That’s a statistic. Nothing inherent to that statement makes any kind of claim or creates discussion.

Do you know what a talking point is?

What the fuck are you so scared of? You’ll be old by then and if you have kids it’s likely they will be less racist than you anyways.

Or at the very least not pussies terrified of skin color.


Same as all white nationalists. The realization that being at the bottom of the barrel means there’s a very high chance these immigrants will outperform him, making him even more unemployable.

Wait til we have immigrants AND mass automation. Guys like this are gonna be first on the UBI hype bandwagon


Race is demonstrably more than “skin colour.”

You didn’t explain to me why you’re cowering in fear. As if the US culture isn’t already a mix of cultures and that with the growth of the internet we’re moving closer to a global culture anyways.

What makes you so scared of the moment one more person who looks different than you exists?