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White Supremacy: "A Hoax"?

Comprehension still lacking.

I get it. Speaking in plain English about white interests is now beneath contempt.

Consequently, instead of making arguable points, people such as yourself will just come out with this kind of comment.

How about you try and answer any of my questions and stop with the insults.

Here’s one.

In what way does it benefit either the US or Somalia to let Somalians, a failed low IQ state in near permanent conflict, move to the US?

Either they are valuable, and the decision should be they should remain at home and fix their country.

Or they are low IQ, from a totally alien culture in every possible way, who will be nothing but a burden on the US taxpayer, and will bring the behaviours which turned Somalia into a hellscape, eventually into America?

Like your flea infested refugee ancestors did?

Look at you with the aire of superiority!

About that reading comprehension–I didn’t insult you. I just gave you an example of an insult.

Pretty myopic of you though to think it’s all about you.

Not very insouciant!

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So you are incapable of answering.

All you can do is take the morally superior position while either being abusive or sarcastic or pedantic.

Funny you keep bringing this up too.

Out of curiosity, what is yours?

Mine is through the fuckin roof. For real. My sister’s is actually one of the highest ever measured.

But we’re 2nd generation immigrants.

Still incapable of answering any of my points.

I would, but seriously, you don’t have any. All rendered moot by Insouciance.

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We need low IQ human capital. Floors need mopped, etc.

False dichotomy. Also very poorly structured fragment.

Funny you should be so critical of reading comprehension. It’s really quite ironic.

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Your post doesn’t even make sense.

Once you have calmed down from your rage that someone is daring to discuss white interests, read through your last few posts and realise just how pathetic and weak they have been.

You can then come back and apologise and we can continue the discussion.

Incel alert!


So now we should import Somalians to be our slaves and mop our floors. Lol.

As for your other comments, boring.

Give some real answers.

Once again with the comprehension thing…

There is a precedent.

My reading comprehension is fine.

I am in this discussion with you looking to hear points of interest and contention about the topic.

You are in this discussion with me to tear down every single last word and to jump on any slight error I might make.

It is boring.

Come on, just make intelligible points. I don’t really want to get into a personal insults contest or for you to just repeat the same sarcastic/pedantic point a dozen times.

It is boring.

I’m just having too much fun with this word.

Now I’m bopping around singing Phil Collins “sussudio” with “Insouciance” subbed in.

For reference:

Also, that’s some hard core whitebread '80’s shit right there! Holey Moley!

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All the best, I won’t bother responding to you again.

You have literally added nothing of interest to the topic.

Instead you have been pathetic and embarrassing. No doubt you will consider this some kind of ‘win.’ Embarrassing.

Nope. Really it’s just been one. Sorry you feel so defeated already though.

Should I move in to the next word now, or have you had enough?

:notes: Insou-sou-sou-souciance :notes:

Then you’ll have no one left to talk to.

Come on @zecarlo…why don’t you get woke and stop being sarcastic?