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White Supremacy: "A Hoax"?

How dare you appropriate Pennsylvania Dutch culture!


North Jersey.

There are so SO many reasons to not like humans: picking skin color is not even trying.


These neurotypes need to be eradicated, for sure.

Now I need to wash my eyes out after reading that.

Mission accomplished!

Off-topic, but I’ve decided I should begin to think about starting to lift weights again sometime soon. You’re good at math, what do you think I should do?

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The magic number is 6x6, for 6 months. You’re genetically gifted, so your progress will be fine.

You ask a “real question” and then say the answer to the question is no one knows? Say what now?

How many pineapples is too many? Now don’t tell me to google it because you can’t figure out how many is too many!

I do not approve of your Chinaman demon math. It seems like a communist plot to set me off on the wrong path. I’m wise to your ways, man of the East.

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Trick question. You can never have too many pineapples. Just don’t put it on pizza.

Bow to my omniscient omnipotence, Knave.


Get a fucking room.

I’m sorry. You’re right. We should get back to the matter at hand.

No, I don’t want to be friends, Fredo, you dickhead.


I’ll give you a full bow if we ever manage to meet. After we get a room to satisfy zecarlo’s demands, of course. I’ll bring the hookers, you bring the blow. We can talk about white supremacy. It’ll be great.

I don’t have any brothers.

Given that this thread was about whether or not white supremacy existed, that is a question for a different thread.

You and Bruce Lee are free to continue your courtship.

Thank you for the thoughtful answer.

I mean, it’s not a simple question. But we can look at Germany after WW1 and see how ignoring hate is not the answer. We can look at the KKK here and how it’s not as significant as it once was. Why is that? Why are lynchings no longer a thing? Whatever we did back then worked.

But now I think we are normalizing hate, rage and general incivility. When a president can say to other Americans that they should go back to where they came from and it’s deemed appropriate by many, cheered by many, there is a problem. When someone like Mitch McConnell plays dumb when asked about it, there is a problem.

Yes, you’re right. The USA in 2019 is so very similar to war-shattered Germany in the 1920’s. I’m sure if we all opened up our history books, the right lessons would be somehow learned. Our President would delete Twitter and the next mass shooter would reconsider his course of action. Absent any coherent explanation from you, I believe I now understand this clear connection.

Yes, it seems to have worked. When do you think it stopped working?

How do you think we are normalizing hate? Can you give an example of this? Can you give an example of bad outcomes from this normalization of hate? The ones in the past are undeniable. Lynchings, slavery, legal discrimination, the list is well-known and well-understood to be a national mark of shame. This is reflected in our body of laws, our court system and our social fabric. Racism has not suddenly become cool, just because Trump tweeted or opened his big mouth.

When I think of white supremacy, I think of policies and practices that are deliberately designed to benefit whites at the expense of others. I think of mobs of people being mobilized to destructive ends. I cannot think of any laws or policies that fit this bill, and I cannot think of any mobs of white supremacists that have been mobilized to destructive ends in my lifetime of 39 years. For the umpteenth time, I’m all ears if someone wants to give examples that I may have overlooked.

I gave examples of mobs of people being mobilized to destructive ends. I gave three, and I know about this website called Google where I bet I can find some more.

I can list many examples of how we’ve taken tangible steps to move past our legacy of racism and keep it stamped out as well as it can be. I’ve given several examples, and can list many more, of situations where accusations of racism seem to produce tragic and entirely aviodable consequences.

Can you at least try to match my effort here?

I’m not sure about the we and I generally don’t disagree with most of what you have here. The fact that we have a President whose speech makes David Duke hard isn’t insignificant. The fact that we have a President who in general is horrible to most of the people he speaks about isn’t insignificant. It’s a sign to everyone from our highest elected official that the behavior is ok.

Would anyone want their kid to behave like Trump does in public? I completely agree that Trump could never speak again and mass shootings would continue. They happened before him and they will happen after. But when your highest ranking politician shows hatred for so many people it’s certainly not helping anything in any regard.

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