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White Supremacy: "A Hoax"?

I remember Tucker Carlson as one of the (reasonable) antagonist on a show called “Crossfire”.

How far he has come.

He took to his Fox News show Monday night to declare that white supremacy is a “hoax.”

He then told his viewers that, “If you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns, of problems this country faces, where would white supremacy be on the list? Right up there with Russia, probably. It’s actually not a real problem in America.”

Carlson continued on to dismiss the threat posed by white supremacy, stating that it was “a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power.”

(By the way; he has been praised by former Klan leader David Duke and celebrated by the editor of the neo-Nazi publication The Daily Stormer as “literally our greatest ally.").

These were no “Liberal Media” misquotes/taken-out-of-context". (As Kellyanne Conway “the apologizer-in-Chief” suggested).

Look at the videos on-line for yourself, folks. Carlson is spewing this dribble with anger and passion in his voice.

His words speak for themselves.

I welcome any opposing view.

Not really an opposing view, per se, I think White Supremacy is more of an ideological threat than a real threat, in that, from what I’ve read, the numbers of people who id as a WS are very few (in the thousands or tens of thousands). Of course, that’s dubious as best considering these are self-reported numbers and people can lie/skew stats.

However, there does seem to be a spotlight on the issue and, due to such, the ideology can possibly experience the Streisand effect … i.e. some impressionable, possibly alienated, kid somewhere who has no idea what this is hears it from some impassioned talking head from ANY outlet (they both talk about it - CNN, I"d wager, more so than Fox, but I don’t have the counts to back that assumption up) and gives it the old google, or duckduckgo treatment, bingo bango there you go.

Now, with that preamble out of the way, in the current form of white supremacy, what do YOU, Mufasa, think is at stake with respect to white supremacy? To what does it threaten and at what level of saturation do you think it’s permeated? i.e. how many WS adherents do you think are out there and exactly WHAT do they threaten?

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Case closed. haha … that was such a great show for 2 seasons

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“Hoax” isn’t the over-arching term I’d use. I grew up in Klan country and know perfectly well that white supremacy is real.

How many problems are these guys still causing? Are racist policies creeping back into different layers of government? Are these guys committing crimes?

Maybe, but I haven’t heard of anything aside from notable and rare events like Charlottesville and the El Paso madman.

What I did see last week was a local restaurant being slandered as “enabling white supremacy” in our local media. The restaurant in question literally flies a gay pride flag with its name on it. It’s a fantastic little place that I’ve been to many times that is now getting its name dragged through the mud. Why?

Well one of the employees picked a fight with someone on social media and then demanded that the restaurant become involved in their personal squabble. This person believed they were fighting white supremacy and when the restaurant owner didn’t involve themselves it obviously means they must be white supremacist too.

“Hoax” again isn’t the word I would use. Slander would be more accurate. Bullying would be another good term.

If fighting white supremacy is such a priority, why are kind and mild mannered restaurant owners being targeted? Why do we not see protesters outside of Hell’s Angels clubhouses? Why are they not busy doxxing Aryan Brotherhood associates?


It is.

These individuals tend to be linked by an international Network that can be almost likened to the links that Pedophiles and traffickers of children have…it’s relatively secret…underground…and almost impossible to count in terms of actual numbers. Millions would be more likely.

And what is the “threat”?

Thousands of years of human history will tell you all you need to know.


Why does the “answer” always seem to be “either-or” of "what-about-(fill-in-the-blank)?

Small business owners being targeted as bigots is WRONG.

Anyone advocating the 1) superiority of one race and 2) the sub-human status of others is WRONG.

One does not have to de facto advocate one while opposing the other.

Unfortunately this idea doesn’t seem to be catching on among people who believe they are fighting white supremacy. The people I know who espouse rhetoric like we see against this local business don’t leave much room for respectful disagreement.

Is there a twighlight zone where this statement is true?

It has been acknowledged by every credible source that Russia had a massive disinformation campaign to interfer with our election. If we’re burying our head in the sand about that, then let’s not pretend Tucker is actually coming at this from any basis of fact or reason.

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worldwide or in the US? you referenced international networks which is why I ask.

Millions is a lot, again, though, as with the low number I provided, this is speculation and may or may not be close to reality.

I’m going to have to ask you to be more specific than that. Human history as a whole? That’s a big clusterfuck of a lot of different ethnicities, races and cultures. Are you going back to mesopotamia and Sumerians? The Persians? The loose confederations of Greek city states? Under democracy? under tyrants? Rome? Egypt? China? Zulu? Ethiopians? etc etc…

Worldwide Network.

And why does how far back it goes even matter, @polo77j?

A philosophy that espouses racial, ethnic, and/or religious superiority…mixed with the feeling of “lessers” that are the cause of all evil and need to be eliminated, purged or separated out…is neither unique nor new.

Neither are the eventual outcomes.

So take your choice.

Your statements both this thread and going back years, have indicated your belief that there is a problem ×ith white supremacy both in hidden scale and impact on society.
As in - any rebuttal, irrespective of facts or inference based on common observation, will be denied as accurate, an admission of white supremacy, Trumplicanism, etc.

So why the thread?

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Is something that calls itself white supremacy on the rise or is something that could be labelled as such on the rise?


  1. As with any post of mine; it is for discussion. If you wish to not discuss a topic…or feel that it’s either irrelevant and/or redundant…then ignore it.

  2. If, (like Tucker Carlson); White Supremacy/White Nationalism/etc. is a non-existent “hoax”…or defy your personal “common observations”…observations that obviously tell you they are not a problem…then again it is your right to ignore it all as some Left-Wing dribble on my part.

Again; you are free to ignore my post as such.

Can anyone give examples of modern white supremacist activities that people should be concerned about?

It seems like the term is being stretched to a point that it is nearly meaningless, like “Nazi”.

Please explain a little more, @zecarlo.

No…because it doesn’t exist.

Well, I would say the modern white supremacist activities we should be concerned about are “what supremacist activities”. Any and all.

Yes but what sort of actions are we calling “white supremacist”?

Is refusing to involve your business in an employee’s personal online feud “white supremacist”? Quite a few people in my neighborhood seem to think so, quite passionately.

Have black codes crept back into law that I’ve missed?

Again, examples would be helpful.

Threads on “PWI” can often be very eye-opening…and not always in a positive way…

Tucker Carlson is a smart guy.

He knew he had a believing audience even before he uttered a word…