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White Stuff Oozing Out of Chicken Breast?


I've been using a stainless pan (using as little oil as possible)
and now I plan on to ditching this way and go with my steamer.
What I notice is this white matter that oozes out of chicken breasts(I cut em into thin slices since it shortens the cooking time)
and I'm wondering if this is fat or not.

It looks different from the fat found on the exterior and I guess I've been ingesting this stuff
til now since this stuff didn't come out when I cooked with my pan.
any idea?





is the chicken you're cooking frozen by any chance? if so, rinsing the chicken off under warm water for a few seconds usually takes care of this problem. it's due to a coating companies put on their chicken to keep them from sticking to each other or something.


Tell me: Do you fornicate with your poultry?

Be honest.


Man, once you get rid of that white stuff, your curls go through the roof.


I've always seen this white stuff oozing out (man, this sound bad once you put it in write!) of the chicken breasts no matter where do you cook them. The trick is that it is greatly reduced if you put the meat in the pan when it is very hot already. I usually cook them with a small quantity of olive oil, just enough to avoid sticking.

To me this looks and behaves more like the blood from the steaks than fat. I wouldn't worry at all.


am i missing something?

what are these comments supposed to mean?


I just saw it in my turkey yesterday. Seems more pronounced if it's been frozen.

Whatever it is. Probably a toxic fungus.


Exactly. Have you ever seen that transparent, peachy colored liquid that the breasts sit in? When that cooks, it turns opaque. I think it's protein denaturing from the heat, and that leads me to believe the goo is just more protein! Haha.


The spirit of the chicken is escaping...


You must not read the Get a Life section here. The people who made their profile this year usually don't think before they type. Not my opinion, just the general opinion.


AFAIK, the white stuff you are talking about is protein - when protein heats up the molecules vibrate (as do all foods stuffs) and the bonds loosen (this is what makes meat easier to eat after cooking).
I believe the white gunk is protein molecules, likely added to some water or liquid fats.

Thats what i was told at least by my mum! :wink:


I usually throw away the chicken and keep ONLY the white stuff.

They iz steriodz!?


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