White Shaming in Kindergarten


Fucking seriously?? Shameful.

Nor sure what I want to say here, so for now, “whoa.”

The brainwashing is working. We are almost to the point where words are criminal. Are kids that have been indoctrinated by the word gestapo going to become adults that care about the bill of rights? Are these kids going to value liberty?

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Does it matter? The Bill of Rights already means nothing. Why else would states(and even the Federal Government) be permitted to regulate firearms, while states are not allowed to have official religions or even to allow religious teachings in their schools?

(FWIW, I do believe that states should be permitted-constitutionally and legally, not morally or justly…at least not when it comes to arms-to regulate either of the above…but not just one of them)

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Fuck those parents for sending their kids to that school.