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White Privilege


I’ve seen both links before. It’s also a topic I find interesting and important

Average sentences for the same crime when adjusted for other factors comes out to blacks with longer sentences. That doesn’t mean it’s 4x the sentencing. Even republicans couldn’t ignore that kinda ratio

I’ll admit I only have an intermediate knowledge of statistics, but both studies show longer time for the same crimes between races. I’ll get you some screenshots when I get home


If the illegal drug trade is making billions it’s not because most of the customers are poor people.


It’s not the choices that are imposed but the conditions. What choice does a child have when it comes to the consequences of a failed drug war?


Sure it is. The nature of addiction leads addicts to put much higher value into their fix.


Fair enough. But thats just another bogeyman fabricated by the Democratic party. See what I did there. Haha.


If most white people live in low crime areas where they are not tough on drug crimes and whites in that area commit drug crimes and get sentence in those areas and they get less severe penalties. So you get that data set and compare it to black Americans who live in areas that have stricter drug laws because those areas have tougher policies. So if you were to say Americas has racist drug laws that specifically target black people. I would say no not necessarily although upon first glance it might seem that way.

Now I think it would be interesting to see what sort of jail time white people who lived in those communities with stricter drug laws got compared to their black neighbors. That could prove insightful.

Politicians regardless of party affiliation do not care about the truth. Most the time. I don’t care about politics too much but I am interested in to read your follow up. Genuinely.

By drug trade are you referring to the supplier or the beneficiaries of mass incarceration. Do you think they the are the same people?


Dat statistically driven boogeyman.

I believe link #1 was limited to federal crimes. So same laws throughout the land

Most crime happens in crime ridden areas. This is true of all races. The vast majority of all white crime looked at in the studies would have been from the same types of big cities as the black people.


I’d like to see the difference in how much they pay for legal defense. That can make or break how much (if any) time someone may do for a given crime.


Nope, that’s what I was looking for.


Failed drug war makes women have unprotected sex with shitty men they aren’t married to?

Failed drug war makes men abandon their progeny at a rate of >72%?



This is the part I don’t get - I’ve been called a racist several times just for asking this, and I wasn’t being disingenuous.

Let’s not draw morality into the discussion, but look at it from a purely practical consideration - if you’re a young guy around 20 why is it such a problem to condom up if you’re banging random women?


Well you wouldn’t know if our previous conversation had any significant stats because you didn’t want to look them up.

I spent 5 minutes looking through that paper. Based on what they report it does look like blacks receive longer crime sentences. But they didn’t really give a causative explanation. I would imagine that would be difficult.

I would be surprised if it were as simple of an explanation as judges giving stricter sentencing simply because someone is black. By that I mean I don’t think they see someone think oh this person is black better at 20 % to his sentence.


You’d still need to control for lawyer quality and income of the accused somehow. Better lawyers make better arguments and deals on your behalf. Thus lower sentences.


Oh please. Read through the past couple years of tnation in PWI. It’s been posted about dozens of times. I’m well aware it’s never been studied, that’s why people still flock to garbage like the fake news event.

Thats a good thing. A study wouldn’t have the ability to do that in this example. So if they tried that would point toward logical leaps.

I would be surprised as well. But a difference that large isn’t within any level of tolerance. ‘Something’ is going on, and it’s stupidly easy to use it as evidence that blacks are treated differently than whites.

Since, ya know, blacks are being sentenced differently than whites.


Women who grow up somewhere that defines shitty men differently than you or I. What we see as ridiculous, they see as normal. The definition of man is not the same. Poverty creates its own societal norms.


What does he have to lose if he has a child? What does a young man who is thinking about college and a career have to lose if he has a child?


I believe the percentage of poor people who are addicts is higher but if we look at numbers I don’t think we can say that middle and upper class don’t make up a large part of the drug trade’s income.


Maybe poorer people are more likely to not assert their right to a lawyer. Maybe they are more likely to take a plea deal because they are more likely to believe they will be found guilty of the more serious charge. Education levels might play a part in this as well as being more naive about how the justice system actually works.


Quite possibly, but you’re definitely going to find the vast majority of users in the cities and lower income brackets.


And college campuses


This was probably your best ever post.