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White Privilege



Not sure if you mean raw data, but I’d imagine I’d have a very hard time getting ahold of that.


Why aren’t there crackhouses in the suburbs? They use drugs there too. Suburbanites get all of the “benefits” of drugs without the violence.


Because white addicts use heroin, pills and to a lesser extent meth.

And all the whitey drug houses are easy to find. They’re called trailer parks.


Because people in the suburbs can afford to live in a single family home.

Why do you think everyone wants to move to the suburbs?


I’d think crackheads tend to run themselves out of a suburban lifestyle. If they ever reached that level in the first place.


So the poor have to suffer for the vices of the more wealthy.


Welcome to the human race man. Haves vs have nots.


Well yeah, but my point is that it’s not like the residents there are completely responsible. These conditions have been imposed on them and those who live in safer areas share some blame.


The drug trade starts from the supply side, not the demand side. It’s the fault of drug dealers that you can still find drugs on the street. Regardless of where that street is.

But yes, I agree a small portion of the blame lies on the consumers of drugs as well. That being said, you’ll find way less of them in the suburbs.


Because society hasn’t 100% fucking collapsed in the suburbs. Drugs and alcohol are one way to drown out your bad choices and how much your life sucks.

There are still intact families and communities, (as compared to war zones) in the burbs. Even after divorces dads still hang around. Because there’s huge social pressure to not be a deadbeat in the burbs.

I don’t recall imposing bad choices on other people. Maybe I should start going to those oppress non-white privilege meetings I’ve been skipping.


Meh. People have wanted to get high or alter consciousness since the first Egyptian/Sumarian ate grain that had turned. Or the first caveman ate an odd mushroom. Prohibition doesn’t work with drugs/alcohol.


Uh, oh.

Poor Don Lemon, he’s going to get booted out of The Club if he starts to actually talk about real issues. Stick to The Rhetoric man, and stay relevant.


Snide remarks aside, I give Lemon a lot of credit here. What he said:

“More than 72 percent of children in the African-American community are born out of wedlock. That means absent fathers. And the studies show that lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison and the cycle continues.”

Let’s say you give nature/nurture a 50/50 split in importance, then all these kids are starting out with a MAJOR handicap, right off the bat.

Seems much more important than “white privilege”, which is what all the people pissed off at Lemon are now “hearing”, even though that’s not what Lemon was “saying”.

edit to add: D’uh! That’s from 2013. I guess Lemon must’ve got back in line after all, since he has his own show on CNN and everything. Wonder what the stats are now.


That’s why Muslims eat all those sugary pastries and drink ridiculously strong coffee. You need a stimulant and alcohol is haram.

Not to mention hash and heroin that are widespread in many Muslim countries.


In really really rural parts of West Virginia where drugs are tough to score they either make moonshine or abuse inhalants like gasoline. People just wanna get high.


Don’t forget pills. Medicaid covers a hella lotta pills.


Town with 900 residents receives 5 million opiate prescriptions a year… seems legit.


Any good suburban dealer knows its better to deliver than have all of that traffic on your doorstep. The only people that run crack houses are idiots.


Don’t forget the chain smoking.


Oh fury now you can be bother to not only go look something up but also link it?

So I only looked at the second link which is the only one I looked at because I don’t have time to go through a 30 page document.

First I want to address what I interpreted this to mean:

I interpreted this to mean a black guy goes in front of a judge for a crime gets 20 years. A non black guy goes before same judge same crime same history gets 5 years.

That is not what that paper is saying. I think its saying black people end up in jail more and for longer because the areas that they mostly reside in have stricter drug laws.

So now we need to know why are these drug laws are stricter there.

I hastily ran through that second link so if I am mistaken let me know.

Maybe @usmccds423 can take a look as well.