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White Privilege


It wasn’t but you will never know unless you decide to put at least a minimal amount of effort in.

What is it you are so fond of saying.

Google is your friend.


I rewatched the podcast and further investigated what they had done. Turns out many of the papers they submitted were actually authentic papers with actual data they collected.

I think the crux of the operation was to showcase the absurdity of those disciplines. Then perhaps to expound upon that in regard to the havoc these disciplines are wreaking on our university campuses.


I only read an article about it last week so I’ll have to take your word for it. The podcast is on my list to listen to.


Fair point. The Crux wasn’t submitting fake information, it was getting them to accept fake information.

Much less fake news feeling that way lol


Lying by proxy! One of the best political tricks in the book!


Nope, “he” didn’t - what I said re: force:

Well, sure, up to a point - see anti-discrimination laws.

In other words, no, there should be no law saying you have to live in a neighborhood of a certain ethnic makeup, but yes, there should be (and is) a law that says that if you open up a business, etc. you cannot discriminate, which certainly forces interaction among races, backgrounds, etc. an individual might otherwise decline to.

No, “he” didn’t. You just got confused on what I wrote.

Since I never proposed that people be forced to live in undesirable situations, there’s no justification for thinking I’m “tyrranical”.


I’m going to try to find your post.


I also wrote “he” because I forgot your screen name. Otherwise I would’ve tagged you.


And from what community do the Alex Joneses of the world come from.

The government doesn’t need to regulate. It needs to remove those things which disproportionately hold people, the less privileged (I don’t like the word but it’s what we are using), back. The drug war in the inner cities for example. The inequities in the justice system. Making it possible to get an actual education in poor areas. Provide job training in the trades.


Be patient. Some of us have jobs.


And anyone can create a peer reviewed journal.


I forgot I thank you for pointing out my spelling slip with quotes. I’ll be more careful next time.


After mulling those over, I can’t agree with any of those.

People are free to give as they see fit, whether it is to family, social groups or charities, but no one should have to relinquish anything in the name of someone else’s definition of social justice, and especially this current iteration- which is actually just social pressure designed to take advantage of white guilt.

Besides, any other ethnic group is perfectly free and capable of working together for their own betterment as a whole. There is no patent on collective action, and the right to freely associate is actually protected by the constitution.

If other ethnic groups aren’t protecting or helping their own first, then why should anybody else?

Edit- that last question is somewhat rhetorical. I really do not believe that anybody should be outright abandoned by society or their own groups.



Police are needed more in high crime areas than everywhere else. When cops patrol and enforce less in bad areas they get lambasted for leaving those areas to their own devices. Places with more crime get more policing. That just happens to be where some ethnic groups live. What’s your solution?

Cities spend more per student than the burbs and rural areas. Whether you want to blame students, a complete lack of parenting, teachers, administrators, there’s no lack of effort to educate these kids.

So because white kids go to class and have parents that make them do their homework the government needs to solve it?

You mean like VOTEC? Which already exists and isn’t attended at rates like it should be?


Equal sentences for crimes across races would be an absolutely amazing place to start imo.

Fun fact, my liberal metro recently (2-3 yrs ago) started beefing up their vocational program in the lower end high schools. There was essentially no change in the first year, then by the 3rd year they had seen double digit graduation increase numbers.

It simply wasn’t an option until ~2015 for many of the students.

I say this with the context that my mother works on the admin side of the city’s system in a suburb of the metro.


I’m with you. Ending the drug war would be a huge start. But justice is bought with attorneys. Public defenders are overworked and they suck anyways (compared to the average prosecutor). If you can’t afford an attorney, you’re screwed.

While we’re at it how bout equal arrest/charcharge/conviction/sentencing for women? They get a lot more leeway from cops/courts/prosecutors/juries.


Easy solution: make everyone use a public defender. We must remember that the problem is not the criminalization of victimless crimes but the unequal distribution of misery.


To my knowledge, a large part of the disparity between racial sentencing rests with judges.

Sure, if that’s something that needs to be addressed. Can’t say I see women abusing the system all that much.


I would love to see data that supports judges are sentencing minorities more harshly than whites. Not a few anecdotes, but actual data.


I hope your not trying to connect Jones with Boghossian and Lindsay in any sort of way.

The rest seems reasonable. I’ve heard arguments that some of the things you listed are not issues at all. But I don’t know for sure having never really looked into it. I still don’t think that would resolve the issues and tension within the nation.

Me too.