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White Privilege


It’s degrees and it’s more than your weekly allowance.


You really are triggered.


What about the US, France and England? They were also as bad as the Nazis?

Also, the Germans invaded Russia. They did not take prisoners. They were responsible for creating a war that made race an added factor in how it was waged.


That is so funny. I thought you were being a cheeky cunt. But I was wrong just a cunt.

You must be fairly confident. What are you bringing in zecarlo? Do you have a doctorate? Because if you don’t you should stop bragging about your education. What are you contributing to society buddy?

Lets here it. Your talking the talk back it up.

I am not triggered. I was just trying to engage in some friendly discussion but you have a huge habit of being an abrasive cunt and I just felt like putting it out there and calling you out.

It has always been you to respond with some sort of patronizing condescending remark. Clearly I am not the only one who noticed.


Some of the Poles who identified the exhumed bodies of Poles murdered in the Katyn Forest were Polish POW’s captured by the Nazis and invited to do so and roam around freely.


At least you’re still feeding the troll lol.


You’re triggered and have a grudge because I’m not the only one who has taken issue with what brickhead has posted with regard to the Nazis yet you only have eyes for me.

How much or how little I make is irrelevant. How much or how little education I have is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it is all more than you. Get a library card and read more and talk less.


I thought he was the troll.


No I specifically jumped back into the discussion to clarify what Brickhead obviously meant when he referred to race.

Nothing to do with his posts or anyone elses regarding Nazi’s and WW2.

No one else has been a condescending dick. Just you.

If its irrelevant zecarlo why did you bring it up? You mentioned it for a reason. What reason? Tell me?

Also, it probably isn’t more than me. For the record.


I was starting to get the suspicion that he isn’t too keen on any actual discussion. Does he have a reputation as the token troll in these parts? I thought it was someone else.


I think it’s just his weird way of getting to know people/extract information. He kept calling me a hillbilly dropout and some other such nonsense till we cleared that up.


Depends on the topic. He’s mostly just brash.

That being said, you chimed in with a pot shot on his response to someone else and proceeded to not know the liberal arts contains math and science.

That’s some trollbait for sure


It was hardly a pot shot and I was never rude or disrespectful in my entrance into the discussion. He on the other hand decides to throw insults into every response.

Yeah I was mistaken regarding the scope of what a liberal arts degree encompasses. I erroneously thought it exclusively applied to the arts, humanities and social sciences. I don’t think thats a tremendously egregious mistake to make though. I am far from infallible.

He is very reminiscent of a certain fellow who used to frequent these forums quite some time ago.


Regarding some conclusions I’ve made as someone who simply has made observations and done some reading and viewing various sources, I am not congruent with those who imply that while I turn information around in my mind, I have to take my own ethnicity into account, that I have to worry about the motivations of others who’ve concluded the same (eg, “ya know what thinking people are different leads to…” [I find this one particularly condescending, just ridiculous]), or whether some others I or others find dislikeable but came to the same conclusion (eg, the Stormfront example).

Why must I have all this on my mind when drawing my own conclusion on some complex topic I, as a hobbyist, have read about, with so much conflicting, biased, and agenda-driven information provided to me? I might be wrong of course but when one reads from more than one source, some things start lining up and connecting while others don’t. Isn’t that reasonable?

Shouldn’t a grown man be able to draw conclusions he’s not fond of or didn’t want to arrive at? Shouldn’t he be able to look at a topic dead on, with no emotion involved, and also put his own personal characteristics a side? I’ve drawn quite a few unwanted, tragic conclusions of this world in the past decade.


That’s as good as anybody can do anymore. There are so many narrative driven takes and op-ed pieces disguised as news stories now it’s hard to find the kernel of truth that news stories might contain.


Most tragic conclusion I’ve come to is that yes height matters to women. Even if your average. Doesn’t matter if you got cuts for days and are strong as an ox. You’re under 6 foot you’er a manlet. Thankfully it didn’t hinder me too much but it sure made it a lot harder than it was for my longer limbed peers.

All jokes aside this is something that we all struggle with.

Here is a discussion with Dave Rubin and Stefan Molynuex. Where they essentially discuss this as it pertains to IQ distributions. I believe I posted it here before.


You brought it up so stop crying about it.


If I said that I’m sorry. It must have been a while ago when there were other posters here who were much more dickish than anyone thinks I might be.


Bingo. If people actually read more than two posts on a thread they would notice that I don’t make any personal attacks or douchebag responses unless someone does it first.


You said it was a useless degree so don’t act like you were being civil. The problem is I am better at incivility than you.