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White Privilege


That’s a very odd way of describing that the Reich office for Eastern Territories planned to cleanse around 20 million Slavs from modern day Poland, Belarus and Ukraine by a massive program of starvation - requisitioning all available foodstuffs and killing off the rest, while sparing only those necessary for farm labor to help future “master race” settlers.


How could the people who invented the idea of race be wrong about it? Keeping in mind that even you admitted it was a human construct.

No, I don’t feel any sting. I make more money than you.


Why are you being an apologist for the Nazis as well as other Axis powers?


If you don’t think race is simply about skin tone then you agree with what I’ve been saying about how the term has been used historically.


I take this post here as a huge insult considering I’m not apologist of no one! In fact, I’ve stayed almost nothing or nothing emotional or sentimental in this thread and stuck with the topics at hand

This is highly insulting to a person who admits he doesn’t know it all, has an open mind, and has simply tried to make sense of conflicting information given to him. That would be me.

Have I insulted you or assumed some specific motivation from you?

I’m Jewish. Did you get that? My own grandmother and her family emigrated from Poland in 1939. My paternal granddad fought in WWII. So did his brother…who died!

Are you an apologist of one of our allies, the USSR, that wasted tens of millions of people? Wouldn’t it be unfair if I assumed this?

What is your problem? Do you like assuming things about others (which isn’t bad so long as one recognizes a wrongful assumption and maybe even saying sorry) or being condescending?

I really should have known better than to wonder off from the lifting and nutrition boards into here. I thought I could share and read from others here, even those with conflicting opinions, beliefs, and information with little or no emotion or insults. I was wrong.

Now I MIGHT really have to stay away and just read here.


You’re fine. You do you. Hope to see you stick around.


Raj wasn’t blasted because he thinks race is a biological construct. Raj was blasted because he insulted people’s families, very clearly thought certain races were superior to others, and generally didn’t understand or even read the information he posted on the site. He was not thoughtful at all and was incapable of accepting when he was wrong.

I don’t think he was a bad guy much the same way I don’t think Zep is a bad person. Just not very well informed or intelligent.


That’s why your reference to the “Bromberg massacre”, a staple Stormfront fare of Nazi apologia is extremely unusual.


What exactly apologia in this context? I don’t have a dog in the fight considering I’m not a historian. I’m simply someone exposed to conflicting information, with much of that information being provided by biased, ill-informed, and agenda-driven people (including former teachers). Who exactly should I trust? All I can do is take info, turn it over in my mind, think of what makes sense, and then come to a conclusion.


I respect you… He just likes to get a rise out of people. He does it all the time.


When someone says there were no good guys in WW2 I wonder who was the one trying to get a rise.


I see WW2 as clearly a case of good vs evil so when you say not one side was a darling, as if somehow the US was in someway comparable to Nazi Germany, I have to question how you actually see the world.

What the ussr did outside of the context of its fight with Germany is not relevant when discussing WW2.


Do you know that Soviet soldiers raped Eastern European and German females, aged eight to 80, en masse, in some cases the same woman, resulting in deaths, so much that it resulted in thousands of orphans and fatherless children, and encouraged to do so by Soviet propaganda minister Ilya Ehrenburg! This was during the war!

And also during the war, after invading eastern Poland, the Reds captured 25,000 Polish intellectuals and officers, quarantined them in concentration camps, and then drove them to the Katyn Forest and stone-cold wasted them! A great depiction of this is the Andrzy Waida’s (spelling?) Polish film Katyn.

I don’t think I have to go further. Maybe @twojarslave knows what I’m talking about. Maybe you do too.

I understand your feelings on the matter.

How do I look at the world and this devastating war? I say the best word is torn. And I don’t mean that in some silly, weepy, nihilistic way. One can read all sorts of conflicting information, turn it over in one’s mind, and even come to tragic conclusions he didn’t even want to arrive at. Same goes for many other unpleasant topics.


I used to work in the building just to the north of thes…



Uhuh. I want to visit that memorial someday.


Haha. How much money do you make zecarlo? Putting that liberal arts degree to good use?

I feel like I have been transparent with my views regarding the notion of race. But if I recall you mentioned historical usage of the term in response to one of BrickHeads earlier posts and I simply said that BrickHead clearly wasn’t using the term in that sense.

So no one here is arguing that race is not a thing than?


Well with a name like Raj maybe he was one of those south Asians who thought they were the original Aryans.

I liked reading Raj’s posts. Zep I don’t understand why people would even waste time engaging in discourse with them.


You know what they say right. Something about one giant cunt ruining the whole experience for everyone. Don’t let zecarlo be that cunt. Even though he is one.

I for one appreciate your input.

Although I have to say I do disagree with one thing you said. You a white boy BrickHead. I am a North African Jew and if I am a white boy you a white boy haha.


I think Zep is pure scum. But that’s just my opinion.


Nah, Raj was a South Indian. He seemed like one of those Indians who look down on other Indians and want to be White because they have a lot of mental baggage stemming from the caste system. It’s a little complex but I have known a couple of them in Asia.