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White Privilege


I have read Mein Kampf and the Nazis made exceptions for Eastern Europeans who looked Aryan. Once, a young boy who was either Jewish or a Slav, was going to be shot. Himmler saw that he looked Aryan and asked if he had any German ancestors. When the boy said no, Himmler told him there was nothing he could do for him and the boy was killed. The Nazis actually had a plan in place to take Aryan looking kids from the East and raise them as Germans.


You clearly didn’t read much of what he posted lol.

I think society fixes things like Raj by publicly shaming it. I ain’t no snowflake.

Plus, it was a joke because he was constantly unable to define race is an evolving world.


First off it’s you’re. Second, how those differences were used to categorize people has varied. The ancient Greeks considered themselves a separate race from other whites, who they referred to as barbarians. Ancient Roman writers refered to a Germanic race.

And math and the sciences fall under liberal arts.


Where did you read about this instance?

Yes, some orphaned Slavs were raised as Germans.


Like your truth that you are not white? Have you taken a DNA test that shows significant amounts of subsaharan DNA?


I’m actually going to take a test. I might be proven wrong but I’m willing to bet there is only a fraction of aboriginal European ancestry.


It was probably in his biography or in any account of the first, and only, mass execution he witnessed which has been written about many times. I think it was actually a Jew who had blond hair that Himmler approached to see if he had any German blood.


Non European does not mean non white.


Anyways, I think behavior and intelligence are traits like any other. That is, is some genetic component. Populations separated for tens of thousand of years could have different frequencies of trait variations.

There probably are some meaningful average differences between different populations. But variation between individuals are going to be much more pronounced.

Don’t really care. I don’t value people based on their intelligence, hips structure, etc., anyways.


White is a social construct I reject being labeled with.


Scandanavians were considered Aryan.

Poles and all Slavs were considered untermensch. Not at all Aryan. Not even close. While Jews may have been given priority for extermination, Poles were enslaved and worked to death. Over 5 million Poles died at the hands of the Nazis, around 2 million being non-Jewish, ethnic Poles.


Whenever a (usually) black comedian does the standard white people jokes, they can’t dance, they’re uptight and stiff, etc., I wonder who are these people he is referring to that exist in such large numbers they represent all whites.


It’s like they haven’t ever seen country line dancing. Or, river dance. Amirite?

Ok, bad examples.


Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Saturday Night Fever or Footloose. And John Bonham is one of the most sampled drummers in rap.


I’m aware of the harsh treatment of Poles and other whites… as well as earlier Polish aggression to Germany.

Germany allied with Slavs: Serbia, Bulgaria, and Croatia.

I also stated many high ranking Germans had Slav ancestry.

So the Nazis didn’t all share consistent feelings on the Slavs. Alfred Rosenberg was not fond of the dim view on Slavs.

Anyway, this thread is now coming down to a clash of views and interpretation and (not by you from what I’ve read) a matter of shame and morality and I know what comes with that. It might even come to lines like “You sound like Hitler,” and “Ya know what happens when people recognize others as different”, which, to me are highly insulting lines used to put an end to others even discussing something. So I’ll peacefully leave. I might be eager to share my DNA results on here though, simply, as is obvious, some stuff discussed here interests me.

Once again I have no harsh feelings to anyone here and sarcasm aside, I simply posted about the subjects at hand and my interpretations on them.


The only clashing on my part is pointing out that not only do different interpretations exist, but that they all have some degree of validity. This is because there has never been a strict definition of race.


Again, my Polish relatives were not considered “white” or “Aryan”. Not by a long shot. We were untermensch intended to be removed from Poland to make lebensraum for Aryans. This was official Nazi policy. No real grey areas at all.

As an aside, my own family history was slightly upended when we got my sister’s DNA tests back. My dad always thought he was half German, half English. He’s definitely part german and part English, but he’s basically a hodgepodge of western European, Mediterranean and 20 percent Polish.

I always thought I was half Polish (my mother’s family is well-documented), but I’m actually 60 percent Polish. My world has been turned upside down!


The Irish.


Really? So, you think behavior and intelligence are determined by a single gene like, say, red-green color deficiency? Or ~8 genes like eye color? And how could something like behavior–which is inextricably enmeshed in the context in which it occurs–be considered a ‘trait’?

For superficial traits such as melanin density, sure. But for behavior? Intelligence? Hell, you will be hard-pressed to operationally define these things, much less demonstrate the genetic loci of those operational definitions, much less show how those loci reliably co-vary with the genetics of ‘race’–that is, assuming you can actually put forth a genetic definition of race.

I am happy enough to accede @oglebee’s assertion that humans are “tribal,” and have been primed via evolution to perceive certain surface physical characteristics as important social markers to which careful attention should be paid. What I am pushing back against is the notion that such ‘tribal impressions’ must necessarily be accepted as a given when it comes to how we scientifically understand the world.


No, I don’t. Many genes. Polygenetic. Then there’s the role of environment on how/what gets expressed.