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White Privilege


No actually it didn’t come from your criticism of Peterson but it was from your response regarding Shapiro. But again to be CLEAR what you are calling my “accusation” is not a result of any criticism regarding Peterson, Shapiro or any intellectual for that matter. I shall explain below. Try to make it clear.

You mentioned something about forces behind slavery lingering past emancipation and then you mentioned forces behind segregation lingering past the civil rights movement. Which is a fair point to an extent.

Thats why I mentioned forces behind the Holocaust/ww2 persisting after fall of Berlin. That would be absurd to think Nazis are hiding in shadows or if they are they certainly are not having a major roll in geo politics today. Thats the comparison I was trying to make to your point.

But something you added in your response piqued my curiosity.

This right here : “The Nazis are gone. But if you look at contemporary conspiracy theories, many contain references to the Rothschilds and the Jews.”

Hmm what does zecarlo mean by this.

I was very curious as to what you meant by this exactly hence why I asked your opinion on a certain piece of literature.

So as you can see it has nothing to do with your opinion or Peterson or Shapiro. Its absurd that you even attempt to make that claim. Its such a stretch. All you have to do is scroll up and take 2 minutes to read the conversation.

I call you soft because I am asking simple questions that should have simple obvious answers. But you seem to refuse to answer them. I won’t prob any more. Clearly you don’t want to discuss it. More then willing to go back to the main subject matter. But if you want to answer the question I still would love to know.


I stated a fact about modern conspiracy theories. The Nazis are gone yet, the same forces that were behind the antisemitism then, and before the nazis existed, still exist. There is nothing to read into that, it is a fact, there is no what do I mean by that.

And you didn’t simply ask what I meant. I get it, you can’t keep up so you make accusations, it doesn’t mean I’ll let you get away with it. Being weak intellectually or not educated enough is not a free pass for slander and defamation. Not everyone will agree with you. The smarter they are, the less likely they will. The fact you are not that bright is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Being disingenuous however, does make you a bad person.


And here is why you are a liar. You say you didn’t accuse me of antisemitism yet want me to defend myself against that claim.


Well zecarlo.

The forces still exist but what are they managing to accomplish? There will always be anti semites and racists. But as a movement collectively what are they accomplishing?

I was just curious as to which conspiracy theories and if you believed them because the ones I am aware of are generally considered erroneous by most academics and lay people.

I never made an accusation. If you had said “I’ve read The protocols of the Elders of Zion and I agree with the ideas put forth it” Then maybe I might have made such an accusation.

The closest I came accusing you of anything was my claim that some could possibly consider your refusal to dismiss the book as garbage as a tacit affirmation that you do believe in the ideas held in it.

All I asked was your opinion of the book. Based upon your response to my forces behind ww2 comment.

I am not unintelligent nor uneducated nor am disingenuous.

Or maybe I am because I don’t agree with you.


No, you are simply because you are.


White privilege and aliens are the same I’d say.

Everyone talks about them.
Some people claim they seen them.
Some people claim they exist.

Yet there’s no any solid evidence it actually exists…


I finally figured out how to quote. Guess I am not that unintelligent. Again I am just so curious I can’t help myself. What I feel like you are saying in the first paragraph above is that the Jewish people where behind the anti-Semitism prior to ww2 and after. Essential that ww2/Holocaust was manufactured by Jewish peoples? Is my interpretation correct? Is that something you believe zecarlo.


Tell me English is your third or fourth language, or you have suffered some serious brain trauma, because you have the reading comprehension of a cinder block.


Nice dude.

When you combine this:

“I stated a fact about modern conspiracy theories. The Nazis are gone yet, the same forces that were behind the antisemitism then, and before the nazis existed, still exist. There is nothing to read into that, it is a fact, there is no what do I mean by that.”

and this

“The Nazis are gone. But if you look at contemporary conspiracy theories, many contain references to the Rothschilds and the Jews.”

Its not unfathomable to suspect that might be what you are saying. You could just say no that is not what I meant oglebee. But why do that when insulting me personally is just so much more satisfying.

I am gonna take a hiatus get back to my day. Hope you have a good one zecarlo. I love you. :heart:


It is unfathomable unless you are being deliberately obtuse because your feelings have been hurt.


It isn’t in regards to someone who flat out refuses to denounce the protocols of the elders of zion.

Ok zecarolo that was the last comment. I have to get back to my coloring book.


You’ve obviously never been to Russia.


You do know, you haven’t done that either.


Yes, those who don’t know history. The Protocols is taught as being true in some Middle Eastern countries if I’m not mistaken.

If you look at mein kampf, very few Germans read it. Of those that did, few finished it. It’s long, rambling and repetitive. But for a few it was the Bible. And that’s all that was needed.

These ideas just need to survive and hope that one day someone with influence can convince a number of people to believe them.




Use it for good, folks.


That letter from “Whitey” has to be fake. And even if it isn’t, those replies are moronic.

Like this: “As a straight white male raised by two professionals in an American suburb, I know I was born into a life of extraordinary privilege. But it wasn’t always that way. It took me many years to begin to recognize these advantages as unearned, the product of corrupt systems stacked in my favor.”

My father was an immigrant who grew up in the middle of a war, came here, worked construction, busting his ass and has to live with bad shoulders and a bad back. My grandfather was a WW2 vet who had the extreme pleasure of almost having his ass blown off over the skies of Germany in order to save the world, then used the GI Bill to get an advanced degree from Harvard. Whatever “help” I got from these men, and others in my family, was earned as it was paid for by their blood, sweat and tears. I’m not saying that African-Americans don’t have a unique history in this nation when it comes to oppression; I’m not saying that European immigrants had it just as bad. I’m just saying this idea that whatever benefits we get from our parents are unearned, is flat out stupid. I should feel ashamed that my family made sacrifices for me, and in the case of my grandfather for the world, and this benefited me? That’s an insult to them. Only mayonnaise Americans with no sense of who they are and no regard for their history would ever think like that. By making helping your children to be successful in life a bad thing since that help is “unearned”, what is the message? Don’t help your kids? Is that a value we want to pass on to all Americans, including black Americans? That sure sounds like a plan for success.


These conversations genuinely irk me. My grandfather was a WWII vet that ended up drinking himself to death. My other grandfather was a nice enough guy (I barely knew him) and he also drank/smoked himself to death. Both pretty poor. My father busted his ass working his way from lowly rodman to running the field crews at a civil engineering firm taking us from apartment to small town house to suburbia. My mother worked odd jobs/part-time, but mostly took care of us.

When I left home, at 18, I had the shirt on my back and a ticket to Parris Island, SC. After serving for four years, I worked full-time and went to community college. Fast forward a decade and I have two degrees and am a CMA (thousands of dollars out of pocket for these things after the GI Bill expired). Now I make a good living, live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and can afford nice things for my kids. It must have been all of that white privileged…


Yeah, but imagine being black in addition to all of that.


At least I’d save money on sunscreen, right?