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White Privilege


There have been so many discussions about race or that have turned into conversations about race/discrimination in the last couple of weeks and I could not help but be reminded of this video. Tim Wise does a great job forcing whites to face the race issue from a perspective other than their own. So many white people these days want to force the minorities to face it from the white perspective or pertend that it would be better if we all just ignored race. I challenge you to watch the video, especially if you have found yourself taking that perspective, or if you are a self proclaimed racist and give your opinion.


Whoa! 57 minutes??? I'm a busy white man with a job! I don't have time to sit around watching videos all day!

Sorry about that...OK, honestly...I just started the video, but the audio's not too good.


Lol. I am a white guy as well and have 2 jobs. Luckally my second job is graveyards.


I watched more of that than I should, and you should've given cliff notes.

The guy spends close to an hour bitching about white people stereotyping minorities, while the whole time stereotyping white people as suburban people unaware of social injustice, who are afraid of black people/minorities in general/the poor, who can't adapt to hardship because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and never had to "learn to cope", and have a control pathology that leads to self mutilation, child rape, serial killing, school shootings, etc. which are much more prevalent in white communities, hence all white people are mentally damaged.

I'm not buying it.


It is far more interesting to see what you gather on your own. What bothers me with your assesment is that he is not bitching that people stereotype at all. As a matter of fact I would argue that stereotypes exist becuase they are correct in many instances.

I think that his point was that empathy, and understanding where our privlage comes from changes the tone of the discussion to be had.


I do agree that stereotypes are correct in many instances and that empathy is probably the most missing spiritual/religious characteristic in the world, but what exactly is the discussion to be had?


Tim Wise is a nut case. I advise people not to spend any time watching this over the top idiot.


I second that, I need the video dictated please. I have important things to do like sell these mortgages at 6 percent and tee time is at 3.


Lol, he is a nut case? Why?


Check into his history and some other things that he's said. Or, just watch the video above. No sane person thinks this way.


I guess I would say that while stereotypes are often correct, they should not be used to dismiss entire groups of people, or ignore things that maybe contributing to further perpetuating stereotypes or the situations which give rise to a negative image of certain groups.

Listen this goes for any groups that have conflict. You can see the same dismissive and condescending talk in right/left political debates, in religious/anti debates, everywhere and anywhere there is conflict. What you see is more of "your wrong" , then an environmental that says let see what we can do about this situation to make it better for everyone. Political and religious ideologies are the most dismissive of all other beliefs that we are all guilty of participating in on some level. I truly believe that no matter what side of the debate you are on there are reasonable and logical arguments being made, however it is lazy to subscribe to a blanketing ideology without question. In my opinion, I think many people are increasingly lazy in formulating their own opinions and trying to find actual solutions to problems.

Our country is facing many challenges and they are effecting a much broader spectrum of people at the moment. One can here the dismissive tone that so many justified with race being applied to larger and larger segments of out population. It was wrong when it was race based, and it is wrong when it is economically based. Just because One can now see people of all colors struggling it does not diminish any persons struggle. This should having touched so many in the recent years, and should be used to understand what in many cases has been going on to certain groups for decades. The danger is that it can be used to further divide groups.


Be lazy with you dismissive opinion. Then see if you can get over yourself since you should have the extra time.

*****EDIT "It is not a sign of mental health for the individual to be well adjusted to a sick society"


Biggest secret of America: rising middle class blacks.


Are you saying that this is intentionally being hidden? or implying that something should be done about it? Either way using a positive improvement is hardly a way to dismiss personal prejudice when it harms yourself and others in the process.


Could you say that in english, or would that be too stressful?

Well tell me how is our society sick? Be precise if you're able.

Thank you.


Whats the point. If you are not interested in others experience or opinions then it is just about you trying to feel superior by dismissing everyone as being insane or stupid. That has never come across in any of you posts though.....

EDIT: I am working doubles one being grave yards and running on almost no sleep. That is why i have the time to mess around on this forum and it is also the reason that I am having trouble proof reading my posts for grammatical errors.


Well now take a deep breath and tell me why you think our society is sick. We can do this one of two ways I'm trying really hard to take the high road.


Cheering on or silently accepting the murder of innocent people?

Trying to control peoples behavior in minute detail?

Complete denial of reality?


My 1st thought was that he was a jew, and guess what he is. A jew talking about how bad white people are, what a shocked.


I know nothing of the man other than what he's posted on this thread. But I do believe there is a sickness in this country. But it's not the type of sickness that I believe he is referring to. But as yet I really don't know for a fact exactly what he's referring to.