White Men Can't Jump

hey guys i need some help. i am going to start to bulk up very soon and i am going to add Ian Kings “white men cant jump” workout to my split. This leg workout is suppost to be a A and B split. Other wise it is suppost to have two parts per week. When i go over and look at the article i cannot figure out which day is a A and which is a B day. Do i do stage 1 two times per week or do i do stage 1 on A workout days and stage 2 on B workout days. thanks, and i would love to hear some feed back from anyone who has had good results with this workout.


anyone, i need help quick?

I read the article several times and I think someone did a bad editting job on it. Although I have not done this workout program I know that you are supposted to do each stage sequencially (one after the other). After counting up the total number of sets from each stage I would recomend that you do each stage twice a week, seperated by at least 2 days. I thin a great split would be to do three workouts a week legs on M,F and reserve W for the rest of the body. But on a side note, if you are bulking, why are you using this program, this prog. was written to help you jump higher, not put on weight.

lol, I thought the title of the article was “White men CAN jump” :slight_smile: