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White Man Can Jump




Holy hell.






His dome was damn near rim height on a few of those dunks. I'd like to know how tall he is. Even at 6'6 that's impressive, and I have a feeling he's near that height. Just a guess though.


Check him out here...



I've seen that before and I still LOVE watching him dunk, especially the 2 ft lean in from the free throw line.

Check out this white dude, he's actually a 5'10" soccer player.



Good lord, that boy can jump.

Does being pasty white make you seem to have more ups in the same way having a good tan makes you seem more ripped?


If he's 5'10", most of those are 8' rims.


That was impressinve. I never saw anyone jump over someones head and make a basket.


By make a basket, you mean sick one handed windmill?lol


jesus h ... cat is FAST !!


Didnt Vince Carter jump/dunk over some like 7 foot chinese guy in the olympics a few years back?


It was against France, on 7'2'' Frederic Weis. In my opinion its the sickest in game dunk ever.



Compare him to the rest of the players in this video. He might not be 5'10, but he sure as hell ain't ver tall, and no way any of those rims are less than 10'. The dude just keeps on rising.



Just found this... so I guess he's 5'11.


It came out wrong. I meant he makes them look like 8' rims.


Agreed. I kept looking for wires around him, because half the time it seems like he's being pulled up.


In the 2nd video, that cat is either way taller than 5'10 or those aren't regulation rims. I'm 5'10, and when I punch it I look like I'm WAY higher then that cat, and my best dunks are a standard 2-hand 360 or a tuck reverse. I'm sure as fuck not rockin' the cradle over 3 guys crouched on the ground or takin off at the foul line with the ball cupped in my wrist.


Stop fuckin' hating!


I'm not hatin at all. I'm just sayin' all things considered he doesn't look like he's up THAT high. I could be wrong though. This time last year I lost a dunk contest to a 5'9 kid [I'm 5'10] with an orangutang[sp?]wingspan. I started off with a 2hand cock back off of one foot planted [which he couldn't come close to doing]and he responded with a 270 windmill [which I couldn't come close to TRYING to do.]So I'm not sayin it ain't possible, I'm just sayin.......