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White House Altered Documents?


We will know more once the R House looks into it. Little (big) things like this I think have been going on a while now. It will be interesting to see how deep this type of manipulation has been going on. Especially the Black Panther case manipulation.

Props to all my fans who will love this and exclaim it BS.

There's only a few media outlets protecting Americans today and will release stories like this, so we must investigate for ourselves.


The Interior Department's inspector general says the White House edited a drilling safety report in a way that made it falsely appear that scientists and experts supported the idea of the administration's six-month ban on new drilling.

Sounds like the crap the IPCC does with AGW.

I thought this admin was not going to politicize science.


Why would the white house even attempt something so ludicrous, cover ups like this could never happen in todays day and age. No reason to investigate it, since it is so unlikley anyone could get away with it, they obviously didn't and wouldn't try. Especially since we didn't investigate them in the past for other cover up attempts. Are you serious with this crap?



Sounds to me like an honest mistake in moving wording around and as soon as the people involved pointed it out, the gov't did everything possible to rectify that mistake.




You mean they got caught.


Me thinks he is being facetious because of all the "no way something was afoul on 9/11 with our government" people that immediately dismiss discussion on the matter.

You have to love the opening posts "only a few media outlets telling us the truth" with a link to Fox....hilarious.


See some people can detect my sarcasm Banana.



I thought sarcasm = grammatical errors on this site.


Maybe the people behind 9/11 were behind this, seriously. If you want to destroy a nation and economy first get rid of the troops by allowing some tragedy here to make an excuse to go to over. Then start animosity towards that and all the money spent. So progressives let this happen, pin it all on the right and bush, then set up the oil catastrophe, blame it all on corporations and not enough regulation. Meanwhile pumping money to other countries to drill.

It makes sense, the progressive movement leaders are much more capable of something as underhanded and unconscionable as this.


lol wut?


I am a little confused. Politico originally broke the story and they are one of the most fair news outlets. Of course it was political. It was to appease the left. Stopping deep water drilling wasnt necessarily going do anything for the spill that had just happened. Thats like driving down the street and then seeing a bad car accident. You dont stop driving just because you have seen an accident.


I've heard some real bullshit on this site, but this takes the cake. I've gathered from enough of your posts on here that you think progressives are complete fools, and now you think these fools are smart enough to pull off what would have to be by far the largest conspiracy ever perpetuated on not only the U.S. but the entire world? Get the fuck out man!


You can say what you want about Fox, but the fact remains they as a network do have a track record of breaking big stories, often before anyone else. Even if Politico originally published this, Fox scoops other news networks with a lot of things that turn out to be huge stories, spin or no spin.

However that being said I'm with GrnEyes on this one. This doesn't feel like a cover up. The story doesn't ready like a cover-up (even from Fox there storey420). The article is written pretty blandly and bare bones, except for the R congressman who seems very upset in his quote. They identified a mistake, then corrected it....in JUNE. As far as I'm aware they took no special efforts to bury this event either.


no one likes to be lied to : http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/237136/