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White Girl Beaten In England


Video speaks for itself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xiDFtil6nY


Why did you mention her race?

The fact that her attacker was not immediately savagely bashed by a large group of people is a sad indictment of those who just stood there watching.


Why did I mention her race ? Because Im sick and tired of seeing people of my color savaged on. Its almost to be expected now-a-days that the average white man and women of the world get beaten at least once.


Sadly this shit happens both ways, it's not so much race as it is stupidity. Fucking surrounded by idiots.


Meh, the comments are worse than the video. Talk about stupidity.


It's the title of the Youtube video. You'd have to ask the poster.

And agreed.


Liberals and Socialists in Western society aggressively promote a "blame white people" ideology, which then results in white people being the top victims of interracial violence.

It's okay to commit racially-motivated acts of aggression and violence against whites, because we "deserve it".


Are you serious?

Is he serious?


Reminds me of the bus ride home during early High School. Ah, the memories.


Could be that whites are raised with a fear of being labeled racist.

If a group of people of minority ethnicity gang up on and beat a white person, it is assumed to not be racially motivated, and the attackers will not be charged with a hate crime.

After all, we whiteys are the rapists and pillagers of the earth, so we deserve to be raped, beaten, and have our shit stolen, because we "deserve it".

If a group of white people attack a person of a minority ethnicity, it is immediately assumed to be racially motivated, a hate crime, and the media goes nuts.

Could also be simple bystander effect.


^ I dont quite follow you sloth, and is that avatar a joke ? For your sake I hope it is.


Its funny that I will have people critisizing me for sympathizing with a victim. Amazing what cowards some people are.


Well, let's say my bus ride home was often enough a lesson in racial violence. Now, the avatar? That's my posse. When I roll out, I roll deep.


He grew up white in a non-white neighborhood and experienced the joys of interracial violence and other benefits of diversity.


I can't comment on other countries but in the case of Australia I feel that the tables are starting to turn in that regard. The word racist has been so overused in the past that it is starting to lose its impact. Around five years ago it seemed that in any situation as soon as the word racist got mentioned people would become irrational and lose all sense of proportion. In recent times people seem to have become more apathetic towards bullshit calls of racism.

Even if you are right and that is the case, it was still cowardly.

The concept of a hate crime is utterly retarded in the first place. Bashing someone based on there race is no better or worse than bashing an innocent person based on any other ridiculous superficial reason.

I have never met anyone who thinks in terms even remotely similar to this.

This doesnt seem to be the case where I live.


Are you speaking from direct personal experience?



I guess I'd better go buy a helmet then. Thanks for the heads up!


I'm getting really sick of race coming up as often as it has been in these threads lately.



Why would you be upset more about people "your color" being "savaged upon" than people being savaged upon, period?

In the other thread where white girls are beating up other white girls, was there the same rage about color?

The video itself claims that scenes like this are RARE in London. The entire scene is disgusting. How does race fit into it beyond that? We can't even tell the circumstances involved in that situation so even calling it a "race crime" is overstepping the evidence. If it is RARE to see something like that, why are you so upset by the color of the person attacked?

Why would someone even title that video "White Girl Beaten in England?" Would it carry less impact if she were black and the attackers were white?


If she were black and the attackers were white, and I saw it personally, I would try to protect her. The thing is though, and I hate to say this, you probably cant find one instance of this, outside of the Duke scandal, which Im not even sure really happened.