White Fish & Greens: How Long & Any Nutritional Gaps?

I am currently eating white fish/shrimp, greens (broccoli, kale, collards, etc), and 2-3 servings of Mag-10 a day, plus a serving of Superfood with ACV, 3 Flameout capsules, Curcumin x 2, fermented cabbage/pickles. I started by tracking calories but it is virtually impossible to overeat for now if I stick to those food selections which saves me a little daily stress in counting cals for now and I feel good and am dropping fat.

I plan to add in small amounts of white rice/potato//sweet potato/fruit after 7-10 weeks.

I had a couple of questions. First, do I need to include some fat given that I am around 20% bodyfat right now (48 years old). I have the serving of Flameout and wondered if I need some whole egg or olive oil or a little avocado or is it fine to stay very low fat for 7-10 weeks given that my bodyfat is on the high side.

Second, my white fish choices now are skinless-orange roughy, cod, halibut, mahi-mahi. Are those all OK choices? They seem to be OK on the mercury levels.

Third, are there any other potential deficiencies on the food choices I listed above? Maybe vitamin A? I like beef liver and could add in a serving in place of fish 1-2 times a week and its got a similar macro breakdown, about 23 grams of protein for 6 grams of fat, so a little higher in fat but not bad. Also, is liver going to be more inflammatory like beef is?


Good question. It’ll be interesting to hear back from Coach. Especially with regards to strategies for fat intake, is it possible to just rotate in once in a while or is it more important to meet fat needs every day for supporting hormonal function. I mean, you could either have a high-fat day, or have an egg and 25g of avocados a day and still probably stay in a deficit.