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White Crow's Road to Athleticism on WS4SB

Hey guys!

I’m a long time lurker, and just recently began to post here. I’m from the Netherlands and I am 23 years old. I have been a prettygood soccer player a few years ago, however never made it to the pro’s. Quit when I was 18 and now 5 (college) years later I am 15% bodyfat and about 80 kilo’s (175 pounds?)

I have been “working out” some time in my life, yet never on a decent program. However I have always been squatting and deadlifting and been reading this site for ages so I am not exactly a newb, yet also no athlete.

I chose the West Side for Skinny Bastards program, because it incorporates sprint/interval training with heavy lifting, and I like to dive in with all I have, thanks to Alpha’s Log here.

I do three days lifting with 3 energy system works. Let’s hope there is still some soccer endurance in me otherwise I will be dead by next week.

Nutrition wise I aim for a low carb approach with carbs before the lifting days (not before the sprinting) and then one big ass carb rich meal in the weekends. The only problem might lie in the fact that I still will go out sometimes (I AM a student after all) but I will limit the damage.

I created this log for my own accountability, although it would be nice if there would be people that would actually follow this log. I will try to post the routine and numbers and diet on here everyday. If there are any questions, feel free to ask. I will be logging daily.

Happy lifting everybody!

Due to life (read classes) I had to shift the AM conditioning to this evening, and I will hit the gym in two hours. To ideal because there will be little space between the two sessions, but what can ya do.

Also I find it is a pain in the ass to get enough calories in while eating (very) low carb. I’ve ate 3 small meals, amounting to 600 calories. I am aiming for 2200-2400kcal! On top of that I ran out of whey so that makes it even more difficult. I have to find money somewhere to buy some new protein.

For today’s peri-workout nutrition we will go old-school: Skim-milk with a banana. :frowning:

Fitday’s report till now:

Fat: 30 gram
Carbs: 14 gram
Protein: 66 gram
Calories: 600


If you think I am anal with the nutrition…I am. I have found that I HAVE to be anal, otherwise there will be too much rationalization. (Oh I can eat this slice of bread, oh some candy will not hurt, etc.) Bear with me, I am young and inexperienced. Oh how many times I have heard that line. :slight_smile: