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Whistler Bachelor Party Weekend


I'm going to whistler this wknd ( April 15-17 ) what can I expect as far as bachelor party stuff goes. Going with a bunch of dudes who like to do typical stagg party stuff. Any T-Vixens live near whistler who would want to meet up.


lol. still married?


So meet up to--play checkers? :stuck_out_tongue:



Not that it would matter or anything.....


Pffffft... Fuck Checkers.... oh, wait....


Hey, Im going with a bunch of dudes and Im not just thinking about myself. A group of girls for a group of guys, nothing wrong with that.


So you're looking to hire a t-vixen?


You make it seem like your offering ?



no. It's just an odd request.


I predict a swordfest in Whistler.


You make it seem like you're offering....


I was mainly asking what to expect in whistler. The other part was a joke


If you were in VT, I could hook you up brother.


haha we doing business now!


I've only been to whistler during ski season.... And it was awesome! My fiancés family has a place up there and whistler is bad ass. I'm not sure what it's like now but I'm sure it's still awesome.


Damn son, you're marrying a sugar mama!


Wait, wat?




Whistler is Great Anytime, have a place there and def you can find/hunt out some ladies!

What to expect, sweet ass mountains, tons of outdoor activities, ok night life, expensive, lots of accents, and lots of milf's, cougers also some sweet kittens!

So have money, dress nice, be friendly, enjoy yourself and wear condoms!

I would say you might want to rock a night in Vancouver!


Apparently Whistler is the STD capital of Canada so be careful. The night life is pretty crazy, I have had many insane nights there. Look to sign up for a club crawl, usually they are like $30-50 and include cover to numerous places, an appy, and a drinks. They pay for themselves many times over if you plan to go to a few places in one night.

Have fun.