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I just got some of this Evan Williams Single Barrel and it's very good. Cheap too, I paid about $35US for a 0.75 liter bottle.

Funny thing is I checked it out online and read this review:

Very elegant, bright and silky smooth, with honey-kissed summer fruits, subtle tropical fruit (papaya, coconut, pineapple), gentle caramel, sweet corn, and soothing vanilla, along with a dusting of cinnamon, nutmeg and crisp mint. Pleasing, gently spicy finish. The most impressive aspect of this whiskey isnâ??t its variety of flavors (they are fairly traditional for a bourbon this age). Itâ??s the integration and remarkable balance of these flavors! Itâ??s also perilously drinkable. I canâ??t speak for the other barrels, but if you can track down some Barrel #1, buy two! You wonâ??t be disappointed. Let me also note what a great value this whiskey is, compared to the way other premium American whiskeys are being priced.

I mean it was good, but man, you'd have to be an alcoholic Vulcan to be able to discern that much flavor out of it!
Me, I mix it with a nice Gatorade.
No, I joke.

So what do you like?

Bourbon Recommendations

I've been drinking this lately.


Grey Goose vodka with a splash of cranberry juice.


Although for the price I'm going to have to try out Evan Williams.


When I feel like splurging (Im a college student so splurging is anything better than natty light, Jim Beam and Smirnoff) I like Makers Mark and Jamison.

And before you go all whiskey snob on me, I realize Makers is bourbon.


Anytime I've had Johnnie Walker Black Label I've always liked it (never tried any of the other bottles except the red, and I was already a little sauced when I had that one). Had some of what I believe was 18 year Glenmorangie scotch at a pub (on somebody else's tab) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Currently have a bottle of McLelland's Lowlands single malt at home, which is much less expensive but not bad.

If I'm drinking mixed drinks though, I prefer Crown Royal and coke.


Canadian Rite of Passage: lock yourself in your basement with a bottle of Canadian Club (any Rye would do, but CC is preferred) Tell someone to unlock the door in an hour but to quickly leave the general area. The objective is to leave your basement, go outside and see how far you can get without picking a fight with someone.

An angry, angry drink for a country that is usually quite friendly.


Bowmore 12 year old
Macallan 12 year old
Green Spot (if you are lucky enough to find it anywhere)


A seal walks into a bar and the bartender asks "what'll you have?"
The seal says "Anything but a Canadian club on the rocks!"

I just finished a bottle of it two weeks ago. Very smooth!


All day, every day.

Don't bother spending the money on JD Single barrel, it's $50 and doesn't taste as good as the original JD. Gentlemen's Jack is OK, but again, not worth the price increase.


I'll take your advice, as I bought Gentleman Jack last month and really couldn't tell a difference between it and original. The store I was at had single-barrel for about $45 but went with the Evan Williams.

I found Bookers here once and haven't found it again since...that was a good one.


Special occasions. Very pricey, though. About $140/bottle.

I have a nice whiskey collection but JD is really all I drink, plus some Midleton's on very special occasions.

Other whiskeys I like:
Knob Creek
JW Blue
Crown Royal

Whiskeys not to buy:
Makers Mark
JD Single Barrel
Anything Canadian
Makers Mark (I really don't like it)

Nards - I agree with you on the reviews. Some of these people either have retardedly refined palates to taste all that stuff or just want to sound classy. Either I like a whiskey or I don't, none of that fruity, oak tasting bullshit.


Bookers is great if you can handle 120 proof whiskey, most people can't.


Here is a link SteelyD posted once about 100 year old whiskey found ice, thought it was pretty cool.


Johnny Walker Black Label FTW. Haven't been able to afford Gold Label yet to try it....

Heard Canadian CLub is the shit.

I don't understand the fruity tasting stuff - but I don't with wine either. It all tastes like whisky, and I think people are just grasping at straws a bit. I find whisky either smooth and light or smoky and warm tasting. Anyone who says they can taste specific fruits etc. must have superhuman tastebuds.


This is my drink of choice. I agree with Lanky about the other Jacks as well. Not worth the price for small difference in taste.


I remember that thread!

I also have some Wild Turkey. Tough stuff...makes me feel like I'm trying whiskey for the first time again.

By the way guys, remember what you used to think whiskey would taste like when you were a kid? (not that I did that a lot, I mean like when John Wayne would take a slug or even Captain Kirk drinking etc.)
I thought it would taste like butterscotch. I guess the name 'scotch' helped with that.


I've been on a Knob Creek/Gentleman Jack rotation for a long time.

The Evan Williams is definitely worth a look though, thanks for the post Nards.


I end up in jail when I drink Whiskey so the wife says no if I want to ever get head again. So I drink this with a splash of triple sec, sweet and sour, and splash of OJ.


DJHT I'm the polar opposite.

I mellow out with Whiskey, turn in to maniac with Tequila


Wild Turkey American Honey is good stuff. Pretty smooth imo. Might not be whiskey, but I think it's worth mentioning.