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I have a modest bourbon collection. I have been apprehensive of any celebrity/ distillery collaboration. Recently Buffalo Trace Distillery and Chris Stapleton released a new whiskey.

Tried it tonight and am very happy with it.
For $40 it is a great buy. I am impressed. I’m curious if anyone else on T-Nation has an appreciation for good whiskey.


Here’s an old thread.

I’m not a collector but bourbon is my drink of choice.

I keep a few hard to find bottles around and have tasted some of the exceptionally rare stuff for fun but usually find them overhyped, with a few exceptions.

I keep various Elijah Craig and Four Roses bottles on hand, appreciate some of the barrel strength Makers Mark releases and like Gentlemen Jack for Tennessee Whiskey.

I recommend trying something from Balcones. It’s a Texas distillery and they do a good job. True Blue is my favorite, but a limited barrel proof release. They offer a Baby Blue year round that’s cut True Blue at 40 proof and it’s good too but doesn’t have the same flavor depth.

Like Tennessee and Kentucky, much of Texas is covered in limestone with spring fed water sources so you get traditional flavors. The aging process is quick given summer heat in comparison. Barrels expand to a greater extent, absorb more whiskey and then shrink and release it in the winter, so you get all the tannins and barrel aged infusions at an accelerated rate. 4-5 year whiskies drink more like 10-12 years. It’s worth a try.

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Impressive dude, I have tried a Balcony’s. Four Roses single barrel is a go to for me. I want to try a Sam Houston. Jack Daniel’s is killing it with their new release’s. The single barrel cask strength rye is hitting way out of its price range.

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Thanks, Chicken , I like lifting and drinking good whiskey. Because of the allergy thing I can’t drink beer or wine. I have grown to enjoy bourbon and Rye whiskey. Now it’s a challenge to obtain good bourbon. I have had some good success.

There is a bar on the club level of Minute Maid Park that sells Balcones. I spend a lot of my summer buzzed off of the various offerings. The Brimstone is really good.


Jim Beam for city specials, well
Jameson, JD, Kilbeggan, Bushmills (protestant whiskey) for shots/ mixers
Bulleit, Makers, Trace for snazzier shots, neat pours
Eagle Rare on top most days

but we’re a hard irish dive

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Love Balcones. Usually have a few bottles a week between wife, myself and friends coming over. I really like True Blue, but Single Malt is my favorite.


I very seldom if ever drink. Never at home. Except for my first swig of champagne last New Years.

If I am at a conference I will have a Bloody Mary with dinner, or a Caucasian. I am not sure what the best vodka I have had is, but I can tell you I had a vodka made in Idaho that was the worst.

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I like the Brimstone too


I enjoy a bourbon every now and again. Not sure I can fully appreciate a really nice whiskey from a good enough whiskey. I have had a few different moderately high dollar bourbons and some have been fantastic while others seem underwhelming for the price.

Seems like my “go to” has always been Wild Turkey 101 and that is what I evaluate everything else against in my head of what a decent value bourbon should be ($23). I guess I like the Russel approach as anything they make I usually like. So when I pay more for a bottle it better at least taste better than that.

Bought this Longbranch today and I really like it. Also a fan of Buffalo Trace but can never seem find it in stock where I usually buy liquor.

I am also a fan of wheated bourbons like Weller, Makers, and Woodford.

If I am out at a wedding or other bar I will generally stick with beam over Jack but the Tennessee mash twain isn’t really for me.

If I am having a cocktail I go with Bulliet.

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Speaking of celebrity whiskey, that’s the Mathew McConaughey / Russel release. I’m sure you will enjoy it. I would love to find a bottle of Russel Reserve Single Barrel on the self. You mentioned Weller, I have not seen that on a self in years. I only drank Jack until someone had me try 1792. It was good and made me wonder what else is out there. If you ever get a chance to try George T Stagg it will alter your precipitation of bourbon.

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This is one of my favorites too, and Stagg Jr is also good.

William LaRue Weller is another good one. Not to be confused with the green label, or black antique collectively known as “Weller”.

As far as allocated bottles go, Heaven Hill 7 year Bottled In Bond is a go to for me. It’s not that hard to find but will sell out quick when released each year and retail it’s about $50, but it’s delicious.

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Will keep an eye out to try Stagg. Never seen it but I often don’t pay attention to things like that.

Agree heaven hill is another good one. Drank that a few times with my old man so it’s mixed in my memory with some good conversations too.

Only had one small Longbranch yesterday but it was good and I can see myself going for that over 101 in near future. I think if it had a little more kick on the back end it would be great but I suppose that’s probably what the single barrel Russel reserve is about. So I may keep an eye out for that one. Didn’t see any yesterday at the store but I have seen it a few times before and almost pulled the trigger.

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I have not tried the Heaven Hill 7. If I see it I will give it a try.

Your only chance to try it would probably to be at a restaurant. When I tried a few years ago it was incredible, It’s what all other bourbons should be compared to.I got very lucky last year and was able to buy a bottle. I haven’t opened it yet, it just sitting in my gun safe with some other bottles.

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I currently have a cask maturing at Mackmyra, which is in Gavle in Sweden. Should be ready for bottling within the next few months!
It’s a fun programme: you go to the distillery, choose your whisky and your cask, and then fill the cask yourself.
There’s quite a wide selection of whiskies and casks available - you can choose Olorosso port casks for example; I chose a first-fill old Jack Daniels cask because I am an impatient bugger and didn’t want to have to wait 10 years for it to mature.
It’s a 30 litre cask so I’m hoping to get 40+ bottles out of it.




The Mackmyra cask is a just a bit of a fun project, my favourite whisky is Caol Ila from the island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides. Islay is well worth a visit if you enjoy heavily peated whiskies.