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Whiskey Costs Money


Ah! They’ll get over it :joy:

Thanks! I still have to work on it a bit, at least it didn’t come apart when I was DL😁


The truest test of any welding job - does it hold together when you’re using it? :grin:


So far. We welded it all the way around. My Oly bar comes apart!


:open_mouth: That’s not a new design feature, I reckon…


No, Olympic bars are supposed to be capable of being disassembled, for cleaning and oiling and what-not. They’re just not supposed to do it themselves. That’s the downside of those bolt-ended bars - the bolts break after a while.


Oh look! My favorite things to find while trimming and sticking my hands in the hedges to pull out the dead branches.

Three of them. Sneaky lil bastards!


What’s that yellow thing?


That’s outlining the the third one. My 87 year old peep said… oh it’s a family. I told her I believe they are trying to “make” a family :wink:




Was instantly reminded WHY I do this stuff in the morning.


You don’t need reminding.


Bw stuff


Why in the morning? Blech. I prefer the evening.


I like mornings because everybody is still asleep and I can usually finish the workout…lol


You’d do well at a meet. Women typically compete first and early.


I am still trying. My plan is to keep training and eventually make it to one. I hope. Maybe. Someday.


I can’t really see the rest of you but your tris and delts are looking good.


Wow! MT! Haven’t seen you on here in while. How are things going?


Same as always, moving, life & new(ish) country once again.


Still wishing you the best of luck! Glad to see you back on here. Are you still training?


Cool snakes. I don’t think we have tree snakes around my area. We do have one species of tree frog. I’m with ouroboro that training in the evening is much better. Can’t do the morning thing.