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Whiskey Costs Money


If it’s any consolation, most lifters first meet is a TOTAL mess even if they are feeling there best! Even if they are best in the spotlight! Even if they think they are ready!

Meet number one is just to get your feet wet. The rules , the weight ins, equiptment chek, getting an idea how LONG between lift attempts and how that effects you, takes at least one try to get them. At LEAST.

You might miss a lift that you did perfectly for a silly mistake like not totally getting the rules since you hadn’t ever done a platform lift before. And that is fair!

No one should expect perfect at a first meet!! If you wanna do one, I say just pretend it’s a training day. and see how you do.

People WILL cheer for you, and people WILL root you on knowing it’s your first time!

Most federations you pay a one time annual fee that will last a year so you can then do another that you will feel more confident in your performance.

And you never know, you might be the only one I’m your wt class so you win right out the bat, screw ups and all!

I hope you reconsider! Meet number 2 is the one that you can legitimately put pressure on yourself because you will have that first meet out of the way!

You might also figure out it’s not for you, but if you are curious, I suggrst you just get it outta the way and give it a shot!

Showing up for the meet and lifting already means you beat everyone else who didn’t !


Thanks for the pep talk. There’s a couple weeks left till the cutoff for registration. Maybe I’ll get sorted by then.


I didn’t total on my first meet. Still managed to set a state squat record for my age and weight class. Doing the meet is part of the process of learning to get the nerves under control. If you just get a total or PR just one lift in public, it’s worth it.


I have no experience with powerlifting, but I have a lot of experience with competing.

Anxiety is part and parcel of competing, it simply is, and there is no way around it. It’s about risk vs. reward. Anxiety, fear of failure, actual failure -that is the risk. Overcoming fear/anxiety, hopefully winning (sometimes), the post competition high (and low), that is the reward -the intensification of anything one encounters in everyday life.

So a familiar question needs to be answered -what is your goal?


Philosophical considerations aside, something that always helps me is visualization.

While in a relaxed state (sitting in a comfy chair or lying in a soft bed), visualize yourself preparing for, and doing everything that you would be doing in your competition -successfully. What often happens is that when anxiety strikes, your brain (the instinctive organism part) will fall back on whatever it can hold on to, and it’ll be surprising how the visualization can be what your brain falls back to.

(…hope that made sense, woowoo LOL)


Sorted yet?


Well… maybe. I have been feeling pretty good the last few weeks, except for some added drama and a cold that just won’t die.
But it’s been a while since I had the whole shaky, feeling like a golfball coming apart like yesterday.
When I got home a place under my arm started itching, badly. So I looked and low and behold! A big red welp! Now, I am thinking a spider may have gotten me.
So I took some anti crazy supps and feel much better today!

There is still hope!


Then that’s what you should do Chic. Do whatever is fun for you.

Good luck.


1x0/90 I did actaully get it a few inches off my chest before failure. So that’s something

Spoto press

Few box squats to bench


Straining for it is what matters. Good effort.


It will come. Just got to keep at it.


Played on rings

10x5/50 pretty aure this is a set PR :joy:

Lat raises angled from rack
3x10/10 ea

R Delt Raise

Zerchers just above the knee




Reassembled my airdyne. Actually rode it for two and half songs

Made me a redneck sandbag, have no idea how much it weighs, we’ll just say enough to start with.

Hung the shop light back up in the gym

Threw some junk out.

Laid on my bench listened to my new favorite song and watched the sunset.


Rode my bicycle that don’t go nowhere a couple of minutes ( that’s what my BFF used to call it…lol)
Straight arm band pulldowns

1x1/125whoop whoop
1x1/ 230 PR! Happy dance!!!
1x0/235 glued to the floor
Should have skipped the 220 but I at least wanted to break the 215 barrier.

:weary: I had video but my phone memory was full. Stoopid phone!


A Dead lift is FANTASTIC! Those are the absolute best !!!


Thank Brute! It’s about time!


Awesome sauce with a PR!!


Congratulations! Any PRs are awesome but deadlift is especially great. Hitting a plate milestone is a big deal.


I endorse all the deadlift comments.

Still debating on a meet?


Deadlift PRs are the most satisfying PRs. Heck YES, Chickie!!