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Whiskey Costs Money


I think you already answered your own question…yes


Well let’s cover yesterday’s adventures.

One day last week I stopped by the ole hardware store to price some 2 inch pipe to make me an axle. They have 21 ft joints for a $68 +tax. So, I am thinking yeah that will be an axle AND some farmer carry handles. I am all excited.

Made arrangements with my buddy ( formerly known as MethHead, Thank God we got over that!) to borrow his pickup to go get it. Made arrangements to use PimpDaddy’s welder. Took a 2 1/2 plate with me to be sure it will fit. NOPE! It’s 2 inch ID not OD. Grrrr!!!
Total waste of time. But now everybody wants to “help” me find some pipe. ie…
I have some conduit… nope
I have some old pipe… nope
I have some 2 3/8 pipe… no thank you

I had to explain that I have drill stem. I need pipe this plate will fit on. Ugh! Why do I do these things to myself? These people are wonderful, but they don’t get it.

Anyway, go get my airdyne, had to partially disassemble it to get it in the car.

Stopped the redneck mall and picked up a couple new wheels for my roto tiller. Got a portion of the garden tilled and planted some of my onions. By now it’s getting cool, so picked up some sticks that had blown down and built me a small fire. I like fire! The sky is brilliant, the moon is up,the air is crisp, the smell of the freshly tilled earth is permeating the air, I have my coffee, it is perfection! This is my happy place. Until the neighbor turned on some kind of bass thumping bullshit! All I can here is the thump, thump, thump of the bass. After about 15 mins of that, my happy feeling is all gone. It’s not like our houses are jammed tight out here. I can’t imagine how loud that would have been at the source. WTF?

I started to scream in that direction that I am trying to get my WooWoo on here and connect with the Great Spirit of the Earth! Just saved my breath, put my fire out and went inside. I considered mowing at the crack of dawn, but decided against it because I am trying to improve myself.

If he does this evening, I am going over and jamming the speakers up his ass!


I’m very excited for all your new toys!! I hope you can get them all together soon!!


I’ll have to try and find the pipe somewhere else. All they have here is 1-1/2 and 2 inch, nothing in between. :angry:




If your getting it welded could the pipe be a bit smaller then packed out to center it?


Well if I have to go that route it will be cheaper just to buy one.


The Rogue axle I bought is not regulation Olympic plate diameter. Its outer diameter is a bit smaller since it is just a pipe with some fancy paint and rubber end caps. None of the collars will stay on it. I don’t know if it’s even possible to get a perfectly-fitting-sized pipe.


Hmmmmm… okay. There is quite a bit of slack on the 1 1/2.

I’ll ask @ouroboro_s what size/ kind of pipe did you use for your farmer carry handles?


Are you doing ones that aren’t normal , or top loading handles?? I REALLY prefer top loading, you don’t need collars! And maybe easier to put togerher!?

My sister has some that have s slight bend up to keep the plates on too, I can’t find a picture!


At first I was thinking just plain ones, then got to thinking that skids on the front and back might be good because I play outside in the dirt.
I think I can just cut the pipe at an angle to accomplish this. Maybe I mean cut like a 3-4 inch at an angle and weld it on.


The OD of my farmers walk bars is 1 7/8". Standard clips are just a bit too big for them image but this kind work fine


Did you use schedule 40 steel pipe?


Oh nice!!! I am VERY excited to see what you finally are able to do!!!


I am cyphering on it like Jethro Bodine…lol
I may be able to sleeve the smaller pipe on the ends with PVC for the axle. Hmmmm…


I’m not sure. This is a picture of one of the collars I made. The pipe is bigger but is the same thickness.


That looks about the same as the kind I am looking at. Thank you!


No problem. I played around with various thicknesses. I don’t have a powerful welder and was leaning towards thinner stock at first. However, it was too thin and burnt through too easily. I just ended up beveling the edges of the thicker stock to facilitate welding.


Are you turning into our (on hiatus) dear old Harry Raconteur?..

Love it! -keep up the good work.


So, following the advice I received, I was foing to test my maxes this week.
Felt good and rested up for the last few days. Felt good this morning, right up until it got time to pay the piper.

WU same as always meh

1x5/ bar
1x3/115 this is where it starte going down hill
1x1/125 feeling shaky wonky
1x1/145 very shaky, went up slow and shitty no way any more weight on the bar would go up

Got thoroughly disgusted left the bar loaded on the rack and walked out.

Bottom line is… I am not ready to do a meet. I will not be ready until I get this anxiety under control. There is NO good reason why I couldn’t have hit at least 155.

I really need to rethink where I am going with all this. I really seem to do better when I throw out the rules and just have fun.