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Whiskey Costs Money



DL conv double overhand hook grip whoop whoop!
Mixed grip
1x1/215 not long now boys!

1x30/175. EMOM


Holy crap that looks like a shit job. I hope it hasn’t been paid for already.


It was a shit job! The removal of the old windowa would have been entertaining if it wasn’t so scary!

Oh, I’m sure they will be back to fix this mess.



1x5/75 the last rep was something akin to molasses in Jan

5x4/105 just could not get it right this morning. Foot placement, couldn’t stay tight. Blah blah blah

BO Rows

Just not enough food yesterday, well that’s what I am using for an excuse anyway. I made my annual trip to Walmart. It is was even worse than the last one.


But was it as bad as a trip to Costco?


Lol… I haven’t been to a Costco in at least 15 years!


Warmed up with rings, chins, BPAs, DB

2or3x5/55 or something like that
1x5/65 switched to really wide grip at this point
3x1/80 :grin: Bar went up much straighter and at decent speed with the wide grip
Happy with this

Some more DB BP
Lying leg raises off bench

Certainly glad not to be drowning in snot or hacking up a lung this morning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Okay, maybe just one lung!
And post workout…

Mom’s homemade Triple Nut Candy!


I could send my address if Mom wants to make more !!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


If those have cashews then I am INCREDIBLY JEALOUS!!!


Walnuts, pecans, and brazil nuts!


We can make it happen! Merry Christmas OG!


Pre workout in the morning?



Warm up meh

DL sumo
1x1/205 this one went so well I threw another 20 on the bar and give it a go.
1x.5/225 broke off the floor with no problem, got to my knees and my ass said… no uh uh… I ain’t even! The bitch didn’t even try to engage to get this done.

Trap bar carries
2x120 ft ish x 3 120lbs
Made a carry went in preheated oven
Another trip. Threw in some sweet and reg potatoes
Made another trip. Thre in some pork chops

Sled drags
2x120ish ft

Beautiful day! But need to get the weedeater out because the dead grass was shitty for the carries. I should really pack my shit up to the paved road to do these.

Did I mention I have managed to throw on a solid 8-10 lbs of nicely giggly fat the last couple months :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Threw a couple sets with a the ab roller while waiting on the pork chops.


YEAH! Nice work!!! :D!!!


Thanks! But I am disappointed because I wanted 225 before New Year. So I can at least be back to where I was. Should saved it for next week. Grrrr! Muuusstt work harderrrr…


You will get that 225! It’s coming!


Your deadlift looks really, really good. Keep at it, focus on your glutes from the start, even on the easy ones. 225 is close!!


Thank you! Imma working on it.


Merry Christmas to you and your family CL.

Please don’t send me any weather for awhile.


Merry Christmas Biker!

I’ll try to keep it over here.