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Trap bar rows

Heavy frost this morning. When the sun came out it warmed the roof and it was raining on the inside of my gym :joy:
Everything was wet!


You can’t catch a break lately with the elements!! I haven’t tried it but I’ve seen something called loaded marches. I keep meaning to try them in the bad weather and winter with either front squat, trap bar or zercher.


It rained 2 inches and the ground was just drying out from the flood. It’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong, we have been in a terrible drought for many years. It just makes it inconvenient but that’s okay. Nobody here dares to say we are tiredof the rain.

I will have to try the marches. Thanks for sharing!


I haven’t tried the marches either. I’ll be interested to see if we like them as much as a real carry.


I tried this for about 30 seconds with my trap bar. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t very exciting either :joy:



Trap bar
5x5/150 low handles 25lb plates low to the ground

Front raises
Decline crunches
Decline tri ext
Rear delt raises
Lateral raises
Band stuff

That is all maybe. Just had fun


I am totally going to try those! I have no idea why I never thought of that! Great idea!


So walking in place just doesn’t do it for you? Ha,ha,ha


As an indoor alternative, I like super-low step-ups better than marching in place. You’re actually moving, so you’re engaging the core and upper back more than with the marching.

I’d use a single aerobic step (if you happen to have one) or a 2x6/4x6 length of wood, anything really low but stable.


I was thinking it would be like pulling from a deficit.


Thanks Chris! I will give this a try!



2x3/125 shit startedto get sloppy so I called it

Several singles trying to get this dialed in. If I lower the bar very slowly I can keep the left arm tucked in. First rep killed my shoulder then it got over it…lol
My buddy started texting before 5 this morning, not sure what that was about but it set the tone.


What a great idea. Thank you Chris.

(sorry to hijack your thread CL)


No prob. I stole it from Ben Bruno.


No worries! I’m all in for learning stuff!


Everybody on here steals stuff. Keep up the good work CL.


Thanks Biker! I’m gnawing on it like an old toothless dog on a bone🤣


Long, weird day yesterday. My peep had some windows replaced and I have never seen anything quite like it. I thought they would move methodically from room to room but no. Shit up stuff in each room and made three or four rounds to finish them.
Broken viny flying everywhere! I started to get concerned when they broke out the Burns o matic!
The foreman almost took out a hand made silk framed panda my peeps had brought back from China last year.
Now I don’t know how to professionally install windows, but I how to use a tape measure. Pretty sure there isn’t supposed to be a quarter inch gap on each side of the window. Then the BIG picture window has a streak/scratch between the panes!
When my peeps got home that were NOT happy! Pretty sure we will be doing this over. Ugh!
39 degrees wind chill 30 raining. The liars said it was going to snow. No snow, just hurricane force wind.
This crap is supposed to be gone tomorrow so I am saving myself for deadlift day…lol

I just don’t think this fits.


I hate working with guys who are rammy and all over the place instead of doing one thing at a time properly. It’s embarrassing, that’s how things get forgotten, work gets sloppy, and mistakes are made. A lot of construction workers are bad for that unfortunately.


Exactly! Just chaos!