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Whiskey Costs Money


Thank you so much for doing the video. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what exactly was going on but then when I saw it, it make total sense with the nut and the pipe. I really appreciate that.

The train looks amazing lit up. Is this one of your jobs or another project you help out with? That looks like a ton of detailed work.


It’s so simple it’s stupid…lol
Glad to help.
I wish it were a job, but it only lasts for a couple months so you would starve the 10 months out of the year! It’s just extra.
I am not crazy about the way the others do the lights. I like the lines a little cleaner but I don’t have time.
It’s just fun for me to play with. I love it!


True confession, which I will not be posting to the “confessional” thread LOL: I am a big fan of all the Hallmark Channel holiday movies, and it’s (almost) embarrassing how many of them I’ve watched.

…anyway, every time I see your stuff, I think of the Hallmark holiday movies, so big thumbs up! :+1:


Nov 7
I told myself when I started back to just lift three days a week. But, I do better if I do something everyday. So, we are going try and compromise. Lift 3 or 4 and crap for 3 or 4. Depending how I feel. It just works better for me if I go “DO” something everyday.

Push ups, lat lunges, bench dips, rings, R hyper off incline bench chins
Surprisingly I killed the push ups :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is supposed to be the last hot muggy day for a while. Yay! It’s yucky out there!


Nov 7

Trp bar

Pen Rows


Nov 10

0x1/205 came about a quarter way up.

Ab roller torched my abs yesterday. Chins even hurt. Live to fight another day!

It finally cooled off here and I made some biscotti last nite, ya know because it was cool enough to turn the oven on. I got one before Jed knocked the plate off the counter :worried:


During the night the Emzay the hamster escaped and Hudley knew it! Chaos erupted sometime in the early morning hours. Thank goodness he only serms to want to play with them when this happens. Whew! I surely didn’t want to scrape of hamster guts at 3 am.

Now, I am off to make some cornbread to go with my pot of stew on the stove and to work on my roof. Wind chill is 37 but it is supposed to rain AGAIN tomorrow. There is still water standing in our yard!


What a good dog!! That’s one lucky hamster!!! Ha ha!!


Definitely! Rustsy, the one we had before Hudley, would have not been so forgiving. He was a killer!


That sounds delicious. I’m been craving corn bread and chili lately myself.


Nov 12

1x1/85 this made me very happy


Wind chill 25 Wait! what? One day last week it was 95. It hit about half way through my workout. Wind shredded my plastic and the great outdoors was suddenly indoors…lol Not going out to fix it till it warms up. And I have to get some propane for my heater.


Nice bench!!

It’s 21* here tonight without factoring wind chill… I’m gonna wait til it warms up before I lift today.


Nov 13

Push ups, lunges, bridges, bird dogs, twists. Lots of stretching hammies.


I just caught up in here.

wasps can go fuk themselves.
that train and welding work is very cool.

envious of your squat rack.
amazed at how rugged you are
you are living out in the frontier.

heal up
good work


Thanks Kev!


Phone says 21 degrees. Thermometer says 18. I am going to pass on lifting this morning. Still haven’t got the heater hooked up in the gym. This is unusually cold for this time of year here.

The iginition switch broke in the pick up and I have to deal with that. It will have to warm up before I go pulling a steering wheel.

The quack I went to sent an invoice Sunday for me to continue my membership. Uh… what? Why would I pay more money if he isn’t helping me? I can struggle on my own for free!
Then I saw him at the store last night. Just the sight of him brought on a anxiety attack. I wanted to tell him off right there!
I didn’t, but I could not make myself be nice either. I just avoided eye contact, even though we were to only two people at the cash register.


That sucks. No I wouldn’t wanna pull absteero g column, or do any working on vehicles and their cold steel parts, in 20* weather.

Does your heater heat up your workout area fairly well? My garage is finished but not heated, so its average winter temp is around 15* warmer than the outside air, which does help. On the plus side, I actually like cold-weather workouts.


Jeez, 20 degrees and it’s not Thanksgiving yet. Sure you didn’t move to Alaska?


The heater I had last year took the chill off. I found a bigger propane heater this summer I am hoping will do a little better at warming it up.
The first thing I have to do though is replace the plastic on the sides and close up the pneumonia holes…lol


This highly unusual. This shit isn’t supposed to be here until late Dec-Jan.


“pnemonia holes” lol!

Yep, there’s no benefit to blowing out all the propane heat!