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Whiskey Costs Money


That doctor is not taking this seriously, at all!! Pickle juice??

You absolutely do not deserve to not suffer like this… However, I’m the same way, I don’t want to spend money on myself sometimes, but I’d skimp and save to spend it on my dog or on a loved one who needed it…I totally get it :{

Don’t forget that you are your own loved one! You’re worth it! You’re worth a real endocrinologist, you have a valid reason to go if you really are hitting the walls with this in the future, if it doesn’t pass.

Maybe set a limit on the amount of cash you want or can spend to get medical stuff and stay within that budget if possible if you ever get the point where you might go and see a dr again. Even if its just cash for books to read on it so you might be able to help yourself. Or for a carton of eggs to throw on that pickle juice dr’s car!

We all hope it will pass too, and if pickle juice cures it then hell, that’s good too…I hope its that simple!


Thank you! This will pass.


Thank you Brute. It will pass. Just need remember what all I did last time.


Finally able to get back on here. Second worst flood in our little town’s history!
Phone/ internet has been out for a week!
Hopefully be be able to catch up tonight.


Did you make it through ok?


Yes, just soggy.


My front yard Tuesday morning, after it started receeding. Before daylight I was getting concerned. :cold_sweat:


Before and after of the bridge. This is the only bridge that connects the north side of town to the south side. It was closed for two days. In 1935 it washed it out! It was less than a foot from the crest in 1935.


I just can’t seem to get a break right now.

Weekend before last, sitting on my porch, some creepy ant looking thing got in my shoe and stung my left foot. After googling it, turns out it was a flightless wasp, yep! Foot swelled for days, and started another chain reaction. Took every supplement I had to combat it and it did seem to help!

Once the flood waters went down and I could go to town I got us Chinese food. Hmmmm… Not the best decision I had made. My stomach is trashed. This certainly isn’t helping my situation.

One of my peeps had a heart attack during the flood and had to be picked up by an army chopper in a basket from her and carried over the flooded creek to an ambulance. Quite an adventure for a 92 year old. She is doing fine! If we could all be Ms Doris the world would be a better place!

80% chance of rain today and 100% chance tomorrow. This is not good. The ground is saturated. A cow could piss upstream and the creek would flood again. Everything is soggy! It is a blessing, but I am kinda ready for it to dry out, a little.


Sat Oct 20



BO Rows

Some chins and band work sprinkled in.

Oct 22

BW wam up

1x10/ bar
5x5/105 by the 4th set I knew this was a mistake. But I finished it… Damn it!


DB Rows
3x10/20. Each



Persevere and this will pass. Be strong.


Feel bad for your bad luck


WOW!!! You have had a eventful time! And another BASTARD WASP!!! OH MY GOD!! Those chumps won’t let up! No wings or Nuthin!

Good god I bet its muggy…I send all the dry Colorado Air I got to you down there!


Yes on the bastard wasp! I was just sitting on my porch, minding my own business!

The humidity is awful! Please send the dry air! I think tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of rain for at least a few days.
It even made our well water cloudy/milky. Ugh! We needed rain very badly, but 18-20 inches was a little too much…lol


Thanks Bulldog.


Oct 24 2018

Raining and 57 degrees :roll_eyes: But I did do something :grimacing:


Seated cable row
3x10/100 vbar

Chins sprinkled in


I hope things dry out for your area. It looks floody af.

btw, I was thinking of you last night when I got back into some of my own welding :smile:


We are foward to seeing your welding creations!


Holy shit, gross!!! Ahhh


Ah, I think we’re starting to get your rain here.


Whatever the date is… Oct something


Front box squat
5x5/75 easy peasy!

Mini circuit
Trapbar/ DB OHP