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Whiskey Costs Money


Have you been able to find any one you know who has dealt with this? My oldest sister had/has Grave’s disease and had a thyroidectomy- I don’t know how far it got to get to the surgical option and she’s not close enough to me for me to ask.

There’s gotta be message boards or forums online for of people who are experiencing the same stuff as you. I find that very helpful when I am freaking out over my own stuff, because there’s no way I am the only one who’s experienced something so looking online helps me at ton!


I don’t know anybody personally. I have found some forums/ boards and that has helped. None of my friends have any idea what a thyroid is or what it does…lol

Sorry to hear about your sister.

Since he said it is mild, I hope I will be able to control with supplements before we get all crazy with damaging pharmaceuticals.

It’s much better right now. I weedeat about a half an acre of waste high weeds yesterday and did good. No, excessive sweating, dying of heat stroke, heart pounding, can’t breathe, stomach upset, can’t see shit, symptoms! :+1:t2:
A few weeks ago vacuuming kicked my ass!

I am on the mend!


Good is…news I am here by myself. Bad is… I am here by myself…lol I got to turn this bitch over. We’ll see how good the welds are!


I’m glad to hear that you have pinned down the issue with your health. I’m sure it was very frustrating.

On another note, I’d love to see a close up of your welds. The way my stuff looks at the moment, I’ve a much better grinder than a welder.


I’ll take some pics next time. The wind was blowing today and I had to close the door because it kept blowing the gas away. This is a big piece so I had to keep moving the ground. On these, when it starts that popping shit just stop and reclamp the ground closer.


BW 110lbs
Here we go!

BP Paused

2x10/85 wanted to go 20 but didn’t push it

BO Row

BPAs and chins scattered in

Felt fair this morning. I got stung by a red harvestor ant yesterday so I expected that. But at least it didn’t trigger an episode! Yay!!!

Didn’t push anything, just put in some work.



This shit right here is what pisses me off🤣

It is much easier to weld the little pieces on the table



DL sumo
1x3/165 started getting shaky at this pount

Felt pretty good going in but it didn’t last. Slogged thru the rest of it.

Went and talked to the doc again yesterday. He said yes I have graves and no there isn’t anything we can do right. If I have another storm he can give me some steriods for the inflammation and beta blockers for my heart. That’s it.
I’m not going lie, I am disappointed. Once again I wasted money for no help! No recommendation as to how to get my strength back, nothing. This is why I don’t go seek help. I feel like I am still on my own with this.


Some meticulous artwork there, impressive.


A lot of my welds have that lumpen look to them.

Will you be putting lights on this?


On this rebar stuff, it is usually a ground problem.

I think somebody else will put the lights on, but I’m sure yet. We will weld some square tubing to the back to brace it and then paint it.


On my stuff it’s generally a lack of skill problem. Mine looked nicer with the mig at the school but my place doesn’t have the power and I don’t have the cash for anything better. I may invest more later if I really like it.


How completely frustrating! I really really hope this dr knows his stuff… I’m so sorry you had all this up and down over everything!!! :frowning:


I am pissed at myself for wasting the money for nothing. Yeah, it did confirm what I expected, but that was it. Damn sure wasn’t worth the money or anxiety.
Oh well, it’s time to stop whining about and get the fuck over it! And carry on!
I guess I am just stupid to learn.

Should have bought me a new toy instead. Maybe a new bar, stone, dumbbells or OSB to close in my gym for winter.


How are things going with you?


They’re creeping along, just mad at myself. Too stupid to learn.


Relax, lift more weight more often.


You’re right. I guess I am just not through splashing around in the pity pool yet. It will pass.


This log is the only place a keep track of things consistently so I am just going to log how I am feeling.

I seem to over the melting phase of this last episode. Now I am cold. I am having severe leg cramps especially at night I am talking paralyzing, leave you hurting for days later leg seizures. And my left forearm feels like there is a band tighten around it, which makes my left hand wonky. Pretty sure this is some kind of vitamin deficiency. Text my quack, and he said to just drink some pickle juice. Yes, I have drank pickle juice for this before, but my stomach, which is already upset, doesn’t really like pickle juice.

When I am in meltdown mode, I can’t even tolerate eating a cookie without my heart trying to explode. Now I feel shaky and lightheaded, and the only thing that seems to help is tons of carbs and sugar. So I can only assume I have gone from hyper to hypo, and lifting will probably help straighten this out. I just can’t seem to munster up the enegry to get started again. That happens when you can’t sleep but 3-4 hours because you are up with a paralyzed leg. Catch 22 situation here.

Now to the underlying issue. I am pissed because I went to seek help and didn’t get any. Plain and simple.

The muscle wasting may not be a big deal for him, but it is a BIG fucking deal to me! His nonchalant attitude pisses me off! I feel that at the least we should be monitoring the situation. Apparently he feels no need to do so.

All I can do now is wash my hands of it and move on. Problem is … I am not sure where to start again. It’s sooooo damn frustrating. I work my ass off for months and then it all comes crashing down.

And this damn muscle twitching around my shoulder blade is annoying as hell!!!

I probably just need a bottle of whiskey! So I can wash this shit out of my mind and carry on.

The weather is supposed to turn cooler so maybe the damn mosquitoes will go away and I can lift without being eaten! Lol!
I guess I need to start by doing some high volume light stuff to build the muscle back and go from there. Ugh!

It will pass!


Don’t be so hard on yourself, you needed to know something from the doc and now you know. Keep your head up, we’re all gonna make it. Your doctor sounds like a dick, muscle wasting is a big deal, a little empathy goes a long way. I hope your days get better my friend.