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Whiskey Costs Money


Not to sound harsh but reevaluate your definition of a best friend. Probably anything I can say here will sound trite this is but this is just another part of life and aging. Find out what’s going on with your body, do what you can to fix/repair/improve the situation, adapt to what you can’t.


“Hormones are the gatekeepers of (physical) life,” Fred Hatfield, aka Doctor Squat, said in his physical training course manual. If just one hormone is off, it precipitates an avalanche of consequences. You have two major hormonal changes, so it makes sense you’re feeling plain awful. In other words, insofar as possible, don’t beat yourself up for feeling bad. And remember, “this too shall pass.”


@hel320 You’re right Harry! I do need to reevaluate what I am doing. If the cure is causing more problems than the ailment, it’s probably time to shit can it.
And it is probably time to shit can the fake friend as well.
Thank you.




CL, I’m pulling for you. Hope you feel better soon.


Warm up sorta

Squat 3min rest

BP 3 min rest

BO Row

Still waiting on doctor to read the labs. Grrr! He said he would let me know Friday, uh it’s Tuesday.
Anyway, shit started working right about half way thru this. Better late than never!


Apparently my doctor has no concept of severe anxiety. I have still not heard anything. Grrrrr! This is truly making things worse.


Have you been able to call him and ask? Sometimes dr’s ( at least the vets I work with) don’t call right away unless they feel the results they are catastrophic.

Not sure for human med, but sometimes dr’s are eaier to get a hold off by email more often then call. You might need to prod this guy for info!


And went by and picked up the lab results but I am not sure what they mean.
If I have to call and prod him, he is not the right one for the job.


Sorry to hear about your stresses . Its important to have a doctor you feel confident about. Hang in there !


Thanks Jenn! I took brute’s advice and prodded, but have still not gotten a reply. I am over it!


Okay, so the doc FINALLY texts late this afternoon. He says I have a mild case Graves’ disease. Then he asks… Now what are we going to do? Wait! What? I thought that’s why I went to him.
Hell I had pretty much already figured out the Graves part, now I guess I have to figure how to treat/manage it and tell him. WTF?


Seems a bit unprofessional to get a text from a Dr but I guess it’s better than nothing. Is this a gp Dr? I hope he is, so you can get a referral to an endocrinologist with a better bed side manner!!!


He is a gp, but I don’t think I am getting a referral. From the text, I gather that he doesn’t consider this ito be a big deal.
I think I will save myself the added stress and just carry on!
I think I may go back to the gym in town though, we got a ton of rain for two weeks and the mosquitoes are horrendous!


How easy is it for you to change doctors?


First and foremost there isn’t another one in town that I would trust. That’s why I tried the new guy.
Second… I can’t even afford to walk in the door of the big pharma in town.
So, that limits my options. I can’t take days off work to drive 100 miles for multiple appointments. He really didn’t seem too concerned about anything so it’s nothing major.
It will all work out. Just got to get back on it!


I hear you on being unable to afford dr’s for sure. And that it’s hard when you live so far from places! It limits options.

I do hope though this gp will give you a referral, or at least SOME kinda treatment options or even just information!

You know more than anyone how what’s going on with you is effecting you, and you’re also able to determine if you are suffering too much with this in the areas of life it’s effecting you. You’re a tough cookie, who takes no shit, you deserve info at least and I hope he gives it to you!!!


Well, I text him and told him that I would schedule an appointment in the future. After I calm my anxiety down. I told him that waiting on the lab results gives me a LOT of stress, insomnia, and it exacerbates my problems. It really does!
He did text back and said he was sorry about that, and to stop in and we could talk about it. I told him once I get calmed down, I will.

He thought it was going to come back as Hashimoto’s. He knows how to treat that. I told him Graves, he said no. I insisted we do both tests! He thought it was a waste of money. Guess not!

He already suggested that IF it was Graves that radioactive iodine (which kills your thyroid) was the treatment. I told him I was not prepared to do that at this time. That was BEFORE he even knew it was Graves. If he kills it then the treatment would be the same as for Hashimotos Hmmmmm…
I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night!

I will not let him pressure me into anything! I have a epic distrust of the medical profession. For a reason!

I have to get my head back on straight then I will go see what he has to say…maybe.


So sorry to hear you’re going through this . 《Hugs》


Thanks Jenn! Believe or not I consider this a huge leap forward. At least I finally know that there IS something wrong and that I am NOT just fucking crazy. It’s hard to fix something if you don’t know what is broken. At least now I know.

Like @hel320 said. I will have to adapt. Learn what is triggering it, and adjust some things. When it’s not being stupid I feel damn good for an old chick! It will just take some adjusting.