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Whiskey Costs Money


Not to sound harsh but reevaluate your definition of a best friend. Probably anything I can say here will sound trite this is but this is just another part of life and aging. Find out what’s going on with your body, do what you can to fix/repair/improve the situation, adapt to what you can’t.


“Hormones are the gatekeepers of (physical) life,” Fred Hatfield, aka Doctor Squat, said in his physical training course manual. If just one hormone is off, it precipitates an avalanche of consequences. You have two major hormonal changes, so it makes sense you’re feeling plain awful. In other words, insofar as possible, don’t beat yourself up for feeling bad. And remember, “this too shall pass.”


@hel320 You’re right Harry! I do need to reevaluate what I am doing. If the cure is causing more problems than the ailment, it’s probably time to shit can it.
And it is probably time to shit can the fake friend as well.
Thank you.




CL, I’m pulling for you. Hope you feel better soon.