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Whiskey Costs Money


Wamr up not really

5/3/1 HG with extras
Cycle1 wek1 day1

1x7/85 supp be a 20 rep set. No happening today

Too many sets to reach 50 but I got there

BO rows
5x10/65 this is the only thing that went well

Hanging knee raise

It was ugly but I did get all the reps in.


I’ve actually learned to embrace blahh workouts…it means I’m owed a good one !


Better days are coming!


In rows/ chins


Bump. Just missed ya.


Me too! I didn’t want to pry but I hope you’re feeling ok!


I may as well pop in to say hello too. Ah shoulder issues, I think they are one of the most easily injured body parts when lifting, so frustrating when you use your anterior delts for so much already. My left shoulder always acts up if I go too hard so I can sympathize with you.


Thanks guys! @anon71262119, @brute_fury, and @loveneverfails
Imma still getting this sorted out. Feeling better, but not 100%
Lifted yesterday for the first in a few days, BP and light DL. Everything moved okay, so I am getting there.
Mean while I turned this pile of rebar…


Into this…




WOW!!! You are artistic! What are you going to do with it?


My brother from another mother has a yard art business. This is just the first piece, there are two more! It will be lighted and sent to a Christmas Park.
I wish he had work year round but it’s only seasonal.

When it’s finished, it should look something like this…


I debated whether to log this but, being able to look back and find a timeline is helpful to me.

I have been feeling so bad that I broke down and went to a doctor. For me this is huge! Especially after last years debacle.

He did some basic blood work and says that my thyroid levels are elevated, blood sugar was a little high, and my RBC was elevated, this kinda freaked me out! The FSH test indicates menopause or post menopause. I have another appointment Wed to talk about what we can do about it.

I told him I thought the wasp sting triggered this episode. He said that wasp venom can actually affect your bone marrow… who knew?

i asked if I could still lift and he said, “absolutely” The scale said 109 lbs the other day and thru it in corner! This just means I will have to start light again. It took about three months last time for things to start clicking, I am hoping he can help speed this up this time!
I just hope I found a good one, and this doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare, like the dentist. I don’t have any idea what his thoughts will be on this but y’all need to help me keep my shit together. I get mucho wigged out about doctors. Ugh!

I am hoping the anxiety issues are being caused from the elevated thyroid levels, and hopefully the anxiety will ease up, and I can see this thru.

I REALLY miss my best friend right now! I cried for two hours the other day while texting another friend. He just doesn’t get it. Always says he is there for me, but when it gets difficult he gets distant. Empty words mean nothing. Talk is cheap and whiskey costs money!


Thank god for some answers!!! Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and be confident that you have the ability to keep bad stuff from cascading in terms of your health care! You are intuitive with your body which is a big tool for the medical professionals in your life to help you more effectively.

That is CRAZY that that pesticide to affect the bone marrow issues–that is scary.


He said the actual wasp venom from the sting could affect the bone marrow. The levels were not high enough to raise alarm but out of range. Can’t imagine what it may have looked like when I got stung by those 20 yellow jackets back in 2016…lol

I just hope he can help me figure this out. Keep your fingers crossed.


Oh! I confused the scorpion repellant with the wasp sting!!!

Good God!!! 20 stings! Relentless f*in wasps!


Holy moly that’s amazing. You’re very talented.

I was wondering where you went to be am glad to see you back.


The train is super cool. You’re so talented.

Hey, CL. Sorry to hear about the ongoing health stuff. And that it might be related to some residual raction to that wasp sting!?!?! Wow. Dammit. I hope you’re body is recovering.

@ Dentists. Don’t even get me started on all the good times I’ve had in the dental chair.


Elevated thyroid levels can definitely cause anxiety, stress, and freakin’ RAGE MONSTER emotions.


@anon71262119 he didn’t think it was impossible, so that’s a start. He said I have a lot going on. Hopefully he can help me figure this out. But he better make it quick, because I will NOT let this drag on like the dentist. Between the epinephrine and the anxiety I literally thought I was going to die. Felt like I was going to die. I can’t take that again.

@TriednTrue between the thyroid and the menopause issues, I am a trainwreck…lol


Looks like we’re trainwrecking together friend!!