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Whiskey Costs Money


Hmmm… it’s Sat, deadlift day! EMOM? Or loaded carries/reps? I can’t decide which sounds more fun.

Okay here’s what happened…

Neutral grip next bar wider chins

DL conv

Trap Bar carries no reps
6 trips 60-70 feet/170 I dunno… to the persimmon tree

Trap bar OHP from the rack
A few sets. Will have to keep practicing these.

Flipped my little tire 12 times

Carried my rock 4 trips

Sled drags

Basically just have fun and played this morning!


That does sound like a fun workout, makes me want to go lift…but I shouldn’t. I wish I didn’t have to wait for muscles to recover or worry about how much I will be using them aside from lifting.


I do pretty well on the recovery end as long as I eat and I am not having an “episode”


FTW !!!




BO Rows



Pretty much a shit show! Probably need some lasagna


Nice stone. Loving the tire flips and carries too. Something fun about this kind of training.


Thanks! When it cools off about 35 degrees it will be even better…lol


Probably’ll have to move north to get that temperature.




DL sumo
5 or 6x5/155

Incline BP
5x5/45 about half wy thru shit started working right

Seated cable rows

Hanging knee raises


Hey there, CL. Just checking in to say hello.

Are you feeling back to your normal self yet? I know you mentioned maybe getting some chemical sensitivity/ some kind of strange immune response?

@ BP and Whatever. You’ve got a shoulder that’s irritated?


Thanks Puff! Imma getting there. Shoulder is fine. The scale just wasn’t keeping up. Back down to 111lbs so I slacked off.
Worked outside most of the day, 108 degrees and pulled when I got home to burn off some crazy.
Hope to be back at it Monday, going with 5/3/1 HG again.


108 !!?!? That’s just brutal. No wonder you’ve dropped a few pounds, working outside in that. And the heat really zaps my appetite.

Glad to hear it! I wondered if the shoulder was injured. Good deal, back to starting a program next week.


Well it wouldn’t have bothered me if it would have been fat! Lol


Yeah, being sick, is never a good way to do it. Ugh. I’m light too right now, but it was gradual and on purpose.

BTW, I like the longer side-swept bangs on you. You have the right texture, straight enough hair, to do a pixie cut and look good with it long on top like that.


111 lbs? My wife is at 105 and blames me for fattening her up.

That's Just Harry

Ah… I’ve been thru this several times. Something triggers it. I honestly think it’s some form of hyperthyroidism. Everything fits minus the bulging eyes and goiter.

Thanks! I had her cut it very short for summer last time. This is where it has grown out to. It depends on how sober she is when ahe cuts it! Lol


But my goal has been 130-140 for 3 years now! :rofl::rofl::rofl: I made it to 128 once!
I felt much better when I was a fat ass!


Speaking if which… I was recalcutaing calories a while ago and plugged in the numbers and it popped up and said I was 100% body fat! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Really, really!
I was like what???


Hyperthyroid! Man, any type of thyroid dysfunctions tricky as all get out to get a handle on. I’m lucky so and do not have an issue, far but hyper and hypothyroidism both run in my family…its a lot of blood work and a lot of tinkering with meds, however when my family members who have it finally got the right meds it was like a whole new life of feeling much better.

I can also attest that at least in cat hyperthyroid makes them CRAZY behaviorally! And that is saying something for a cat ! I know stuffs expensive though to get a handle on if you have medical issues :{ Its pretty straight forward with animals not so much with people.

I forgot to share THIS video with you! Its a GREAT one! Leifa is a professional strong woman and an incredible stone loader! TONS of tips in this one! There are ones with her teaching log press too that are very helpful!


Thanks for the video! That was really informative.
One of my peeps cats has thyroid problems. She has to rub meds on her ears. Here a person would be better off seeing a vet than a doctor anyway!