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Whiskey Costs Money


That’s a fantastic commercial, lmao.


Warm up

BO Rows
5x5/85 subgrip

5x5/65 Fgrip


DL sumo

That’s all folks!


Nice work bro, do you notice much difference between traditional squats and sumo squats? I never do the sumo ones. I’m assuming it hits the inner hammies more.


Well they were sumo DL So… I dunno either.


Roger that. Difference from traditional deads?


Wide stance. More quad less glutes. Shortens the travel time. Tougher on hip joints but I can typically pull a little more weight.
Just trying to get in some volume this week.


That is actually very useful information to me since I want to focus on quads, I’m quite strong in my hips so that’s not a problem. Volume is the key as long as you don’t burn yourself out, I like your plan of attack mayne.


looks like you bought enough ammo!


Warm up= dragging my ass out there

Incline BP
5x5/35 started light, figured how to keep my shoulder from coming unhinged and went a little heavier. :grin:

F squat

Trap bar SS seated cable row vbar

That’s all folks!


Warm up

Cannot express how disgusted I am with this.


Better days are a coming , kid !!! keep pushing forward


Thanks OG


Why are you disgusted with this? Not enough reps at the weight? If so, is anything else going on in your life. I find as I age I only have so much. If a lot is going on somewhere else, I will almost invariably have an off day in the gym.


Benching is NOT EASY!! However, I can see it as being a frustration if that is one lift in particular you want real bad…you picked a hard lift to want badly if that is the case!!


I haven’t been able to get back to where I was. I was gaining on it again and then it started going back down hill.

I think I have figured out the problem ( after 3 years of research) I have these damn episodes where I will burn up all the muscle that I have worked so hard for.
It is very frustrating. I have talked about this before.

Hopefully I have finally found the answers.
Going to try some things and see if I can stop it, and get back on track.


Thanks brute, but like to explain to oursboro, I am losing over all strength. Cross your fingers that I have it figured out this time.


Fatigue? What have you done during the day prior to your work out? Self-fulfilling failure expectations? Change things up for a while.


In a nutshell… I sprayed some Viper for scorpions, Apparently Permethrin can cause thyroid disfunction.
Basically I unknowingly threw gas on an already burning fire and have been in full meltdown mode for over a week. Every cell in my body is on fire. Now, I need to put it out as quickly as possible, before anymore damage is done. It is slowly getting better!


Wow!!! That would make sense in my book, environmental factors are no joke!! We get dogs at my job who are effected by lawn pesticides.

Spraying for scorpions!! Eekk!! Do they glow in the dark ?? I have heard they do!!


The last it was this bad I unknowingly did a real estate job where they failed to tell me they sprayed recently. That’s what finally connected the dots! I think maybe the wasp sting set things in motion, and the Viper was the final blow.

Yes they do glow when hit with a black light. My neighbors looked in their attic with one once, and she said it looked like the lights of Vegas up there! :rofl: