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Whiskey Costs Money


The snake “expert” says that the old saying is wrong. That the colors aren’t always the same. Like the pattern on a dog or cat.

We were taught the poem when we were kids, so I don’t know. I do know however, I am not picking up any snake to find out…lol


It think this is probably a couple of degrees cooler than it is in my gym right now :rofl:


Sure, and next you’ll tell me I before E except after C isn’t always the case either.


Well… now that you’ve mentioned it…


:laughing:My first 6 years of school were in Belgium and Germany in French and German. Both languages, especially German, are pretty much spelled like they sound. When I started school in the US I sucked at spelling. Still do.


My dad who was German said the same thing…lol


I don’t have time for this, I got shit to do!
These snausage fingers better be back to their skeletal self by morning!


Wha happened? Your get bit or did you hit?


Red wasp sting. Grrrr!


Wow. One just got my wife on the elbow the other day. She was pulling some squash from our garden. We iced it down for a couple of days and she took some benedryl. I got stung so many times when I was delivering mail I don’t even swell up anymore.


Ouch! Elbow would probably be worse.
I used to not swell up from a wasp, only honey bees. It is just inconvenient. Have a big project I need to work on this weekend. One of my peeps told me that I have been stung by so many things that if something bit me, IT would die…lol


OH MY GOD!!! That looks so painful!!! How can you sleep?? Hands are just so full of nerves and sensation!!

BASTARD WASPS!!! What a CHUMP!!! I hope it heals up fast!


It just got bigger as I slept…lol
The little bastard was in the mop! :roll_eyes:
Couple of days and it will be fine. It’s throbbing and itching like crazy right now tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Hell hath no fury like me when I am hungry and slightly inconvenienced!


OUCH!!! CL, that looks sooo painful. Dang, good think you’re not allergic.

BTW, congrats on scoring some old plates at such a bargain. Awesome! You’ll put those to good use. You’re developing a pretty nice home setup there.


That looks painful, hope it gets better soon!


Legit lol’d @ snausage. Sucks man, hope it heals quickly for you.


Thanks guys! It’s better now, just a little swelling left up by my elbow, but almost gone.


Glad to hear it. That looked painful and annoying.


Wow, that’s an amazing deal on weight plates. Score


Thanks! Sometimes I actually pick them up and put them down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: