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Whiskey Costs Money


Made me think of way back in the day when we wore our jump boots to squad.


Warm up



In Rows

Incline DB BP. SS leg ext

Today’s sorry ass episode brought to you by… Not near enough food yesterday.


The ring work is AWESOME! That was so fun to watch. I put a video up of Alex Puccio in the Chins thread after I saw you training those. I wish I had a place to hang some rings…

Whoot! That is the best deal ever! I like my PLing shoes a lot for squats. I hope they work well for you.


Thanks @Powerpuff It has helped my shoulder/ arm. Thanks to @ouroboro_s for suggesting them! Maybe someday I will be able to do dips on them…lol
I wish I had a higher place to hang them :slightly_frowning_face:
Found the shoes on Amazon! We see how squats go Thursday.


BW stuff
Inv Rows
Rev Hypers from incline bench
Chins x4 whoop whoop!
Lying Leg raise frim bench
Push ups
Lots of stretching


Warm up



The shoes definitely change things up.
Can’t say yet if it’s good or bad.


You got a STEAL of a DEAL on those shoes!!!


Heck yeah for the fat grips!! They make everything harder! I only have just figured out how holding stuff TIGHT AS SHIT makes each and every movement feel more every part of your arm!


Yes! I definitely need to work on my grip strength!


Where did you get shoes for $25?

I much prefer squatting in a heeled, structured shoe. They took a bit of getting used to but the hard sole and straps reduce and lateral foot movement and make it feel like my feet are nailed down.


Found them on Amazon. Mens Adidas Power Perdect. I think the odd color and size is why they were marked down.


I’ve always wondered how squat shoes would feel. Do they put more pressure on the knees? And 4 chins are impressive. That’s more than 99% of the population can do.


To get the same in Canada is over $200 :frowning_face:


I didn’t notice any pressure on my knees, mostly my hip, but I have only used them once, so… We will see. It will take a little bit to get the hang of it.

Thanks! Imma working on it!


:slightly_frowning_face: Not sure what the deal was but I found them and they were $70, then they went down to $32, then $27, then $25! I said… SOLD! The size 6 & 7 were $100+ but the 6.5 was what was on sale. I got lucky and they fit! I normally wear a 7.5 in womens and all the reviews said to go down one size for women.
If I knew they would have fit you, I could have bought a pair and sent them to you. Sorry


Yeah! Srsly I spent 200 on mine . Some on Amazon were like 300
Stupid Canadian money


Todays training was packing the pieces for my new rack!!! Oh happy day! 3 years in the making, and it’s finally here!

I freaked out yesterday because the FedEx ground truck only brought one box! I was disappointed and angry! I met him in town so he wouldn’t have to drive out to BFE on a Friday. I told him this can’t be right. Of course, he could have give a shit less… lol

Anyway… about 4 hours later the usual FedEx ( who I adore ) brought the other two boxes to my house! Yay me! My mom was home and he said they were really heavy, what is in them? She told him some kind of weightlifting crap, and that I like to lift heavy shit. I hope this will further my pursuit to lift heavier shit.

I am so excited! :grin: I don’t want to go to my peeps today :smirk: I want to stay home and put it together! But they text me and said, Poppy is making his world famous ribs, so how could I refuse? Got make this short and sweet.

Hopefully by sunrise it will look like this!


WHOOT!!! So fun. I wish we could all be there to assemble that thing, throw some meat on the grill then break it in today.


Yes! That would be awesome!!!


We need one of these. You’d have everyone in the Over 35 Forum over there playing with the new toy. Congratulations on the new rack. Fun will be had!