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Whiskey Costs Money


Warm up= uh whatever

Over head carries empty bar
10x120 feet ( 5 trips down and back)

Trap bar carries
4x120 feet/ 120 lbs 5 reps at each end
Should have gone a little heavier on these

Definitely going to have to get the mower/ weed eater out and clean the area up this afternoon.


Warm up


4x4/70 full 3 second pause ass kept cramping up… grrrr!

I cleared this slope Wed before all the bullshit happened. The dirt is VERY soft and it is hard to stay upright with the weed eater. Pisses my ass off every time!


Hi CL just caught up in here, I’m sorry for your loss, sending love :purple_heart:


Thank you


I would like to thank everyone for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. It means a great deal to us.


Sorry I’m late. Lot of shit coming down on you all at once. One day at a time.


Thank you Harry.



Uh… I tried these before not sure this is a go to exercise for me so I went light
Still not what I’m looking for.

Pendlay rows.
5x5/85 First time for these so I just guessed at starting at 85. Either I am getting stronger or I’m doing it wrong because these felt really light

Lat pulls


Not happy with this at all this morning.


Well shit! That wasn’t supposed to happen! I was only going to edit and add the rest time between sets. Can somebody put it back? Please?


Thank you!!! @Chris_Colucci


Positively disgusted with this shit this morning. I’m taking a break!



What’s up?


Just tired.


Maintain that positive attitude!


Who the fuck am I kidding. Somehow this has been an has become a part of who I am. Didn’t know what to do with myself just sitting here. So…

Played around with the rings
Being silly

Worked up to
5x5/70 paused

Incline BP

Got to have a lil pep talk with myself here…

I have stayed on my own ass thru all this bullshit and made myself eat, which is usually where I screw myself up. Okay, so it was every filthy calorie town had to offer, but it was calories. Weighed in this morning at 116. So much for pizza, burgers, fried chicken, sweet rolls (two packages) etc… I even broke down and had TacoBell. First time that has happened in many years.
I have come too far to fuck up now! I have no desire to start over AGAIN!
Mmmmmuuussstttttt… keep going!


Is there a history of troubles with food?


Not exactly. It’s complicated. I have troubles being bat shit crazy. I can consume a ridiculous amount of food. But I am high strung and in high stress situations my anxiety kicks in and takes even more food at that point. Problem is I don’t care if I eat, so a couple of meals a day will not cover what I am burning off.
My body had no problem consuming itself at that point. It will torch every bit of muscle I worked so hard to put on.
Hope that makes sense.


CL. If eating some comfort food this week made it even slightly more bearable, then that it was well worth it. It’s understandable. You’ve had more life stress packed into one week than I can imagine. If I were there, I’d have helped you eat ALL the things. And remember, doing something like pigging out for a few days, or not eating enough for a few days because you’re sad is nothing in the overall scheme of things. No real damage done.

You’ll get your feet under you soon. Or at least be able to fake it. That’s an attempt at a joke there.


That looks like a prime sprinting hill you weed whacked. Ever run up and down it? Reminds me I should be doing hill sprints.


Eat, don’t eat, cry, don’t cry, work out, sleep, yell, scream, lay in bed. It will take some time to get through this. Do what you need to do, and try not to drive yourself bat shit crazy because you aren’t yourself. Everybody reacts differently to the trauma you have been through. The process is different from one person to another. Just allow yourself to get through it, however you can.