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Whiplash1 Training Log

Thanks for the detailed post man! They’re programmed into what I’m running right now and I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to keep them in rotation in the future. I’ll keep hammering them hard these next 5 weeks. I’m seeing some decent pec growth, but I can’t attribute it specifically to the flys- the DOMs, though, I can haha.

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Thanks man! Much appreciated

Yeah they definitely do a good job of making you sore haha. To be honest too, I do prefer a good pec dec over dumbbell flys, but that’s not an option for me right now. The reason I say that though is because I feel more tension throughout the whole rom on a pec dec compared to dumbbells…however that’s just a personal preference. Dumbbells are awesome too

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In a fair amount of pain today, back is trying to act up and knees don’t feel good. It’s safe to say that unintentionally doing the splits in drywall stilts (yes there’s a story with this) is not what you want to do lol.

On the docket though is primarily chins and poundstone curls. Maybe some ab wheel if I can find where my son hid it, and if not, the maybe stir the pot.

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So I wanted to do a write up on food…largely how I’m eating now.

So back around the end of sept, I started down the high fat road again, but it didn’t last long simply due to food cost. Through the pandemic, food (and the cost of living period) has been rising. We quit going to Costco even, cause it was getting to be way to costly for not enough food. We found other options that just work way better.

I work in construction, I’m a dad and I like to workout. I have to stay fueled to support my output. Along with that, my wife has celiacs and I am gluten intolerant, and I need to stay away from milk and cheese. So I have employed a couple points from the article talking about one rule diets, and then filled in the rest with what I already knew.

So…bullet point time :

  • Main carb sources are oates, rice, cream of rice, gf noodles and potatoes. We do make use of beans and lentils once or twice a week too.

  • Main fats are olive oil and coconut oil. Also don’t shy away from animal fats.

  • Main proteins are chicken, tuna, and eggs, but also “supplement” with premade meatballs, sausages, and tofu (tofu is less frequent but it’s cheap so yeah)

  • Veggies are local bought for the most part and I don’t eat a lot of fruit

Simple solid eating is the main idea. I don’t count calories or macros but I do try to get in about 4 meals a day. Sometimes it’s 3 with some snacks. I know when I’m undereating and I know when I’m doing good. I do use some condiments too…sugar free ketchup, mustard, hot sauce etc. I’m not using much supplements right now, aside from the creatine I still have left. We do eat out from time to time, but that can be hard with the restrictions we have. We will have fun meals at home from time to time too.

I think that’s about it for now lol


Well life gave me a deload this week. I had a shit ton of work to do…framing, drywalling, taping and finishing. Lots of hours…damn deadlines being changed. Have been beat the last couple days especially. Still have to run back to the site to sand a couple things for the painter this morning.

Gonna get in at least a couple good sessions this weekend…maybe more. I’m wanting to crush da leggz among other things.

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