Whiplash : Trying to be aggressively ok

Training log…I’m a busy dad, husband, and tradesman. Long time fan of t-nation, been reading it since I started lifting when I was 13. For my first workouts that I will post here, I think I’m gonna do some John Meadows inspired stuff. His death hit me more than I thought it would, as I have never met him. However, I have been a fan of his for many years now, read so many articles of his and have watched most of his YouTube channel videos. I learned a lot from him, and I have said for quite a while that he is one of my favourite bodybuilders. Anyways…that’s all for now.


Quick chest/bicep/conditioning workout

This one isn’t mountain dog style like I mentioned above, it’s just a quick one I could knock out while my son and wife are napping

Chest press 3x20
Dips 12/12/12/12
Flys 2x15
Hammer curl 2x15
Reg. curl 2x12
Kb swing x 100 reps

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Been a few days since I logged anything…had been part of a discussion to do one of Mountain Dog’s programs, but ultimately decided against it. Not afraid of hard work…just don’t have many resources right now.

Mentally I had a real bad day today…my depression issues manifested in a lot of anger today and there was many things, minor ultimately, that kept triggering me.


Shoulders :
Band pull-apart x 3 sets of 20
Bb ohp x 4 sets of 8, 8, 6, 6
Lateral raises x 4 sets of 12
Bent over laterals x 4 sets of 10
Upright row x 2 sets of 15

Nice little shoulder workout tonight. Good pump and a good sweat. No conditioning this time…it’s late and I’m tired.


Hope is well my man. Just try ride it through and channel your mood into some exercise

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Thanks man…planning on doing up some burpees tonight…but today is definitely better than yesterday was


Ok so I did a @ChongLordUno style workout today…not all in one shot due to having other things to do but it was still real good. Looked like this :

100 two pump burpees
50 chin-ups

So it works out to 100 burpees, 200 push-ups and of course 50 chins. I did change up the grips for the chins too as I got my reps in.

Still have some things to do tonight but I’m in a better mindset now and am looking forward to starting the new week


Keep it up brother and watch the magic happen

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Thanks man!

Very quick ab thing before work and while cooking for my boy

Flutter kicks x 30
Sit-ups x 20
Ab wheel x 10
Three rounds of the above

Gonna get in some other training today too. I am starting to see the direction I have been needing.

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Ok so I snuck in some training this afternoon…my wife went out to the grocery store for literally 4 things, meaning it wouldn’t be a long trip… so I did this
1 burpee/1 db clean and press
All the way up to 10/10, while caring for my son as needed. This works out to 55 reps for burpees and clean/press, if I mathed right. Once she got back she wanted to take a turn walking the dog, so I got myself up to 100 burpees total.

Still planning on doing a bodybuilding workout tonight once everyone else is in bed.


Haven’t trained in a few days, been busy at work and the wife and I have been dealing with a tough situation…we aren’t in trouble or anything but we are seriously considering moving to another province once our lease is up at the beginning of may. To be honest, I really want to go for it.


I really thought this was going a different direction lol
Thought I was about to read a full 2 hour workout and then a story of carrying 27 bags into the house :joy:

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Haha well we often end up getting more than we planned for…but maybe next time it will turn into that

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Got in an evening workout while taking care of the boy

65 chins
Push-ups : round 1=1 rep, round 2=2 reps and so on up to round 15 (120 total reps)
Curls x 50 reps
Overhead tricep extension x 2x12 I keep the volume on these really low cause they can bug my elbows
Side raises 2x20
Got interrupted here and could not continue


Another quick “parent workout”
Round 1 is 10 chins and 1 burpee, then 9/2….until 1/10 (10 total rounds)
Followed by a quick tri set : curls/tricep ext./side raise for 3 sets each arm, 12 reps each.
Walk dog afterwards

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So I haven’t posted since last week…we took a family camping trip from last Friday to Sunday and it was awesome. Did some hiking with the kiddo on my back so that was my workout along with splitting some wood for a fire. Got back to work yesterday and will be hitting a base building workout tonight. Or at least that’s the plan.

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Ok…enough of life giving me a deload (@ChongLordUno) time to get back to work

Did a feeder workout of sorts for arms and shoulders…which I plan to do more often because those are the areas I want to improve most from a looks perspective. Shoulder strength is there, but I want them to grow more.

Db curl super set with oh tricep extension x 4 sets
Hammer curl super set with push downs x 3 sets
Lateral raises x a fook ton (honestly lost track)
Freedom press super set with face pull x 3 sets

With arms and lateral raises I was trying to manipulate things in each set to get as much of a pump as I could…high reps by the end of it and…a good pump. The freedom press and face pull combo was great too.

The point of a feeder like this is that it’s all about the pump, not super long and can be done multiple times a week. The combination of 2 pump burpees and pull-ups cover a lot of ground, and I try to get other base workouts in too, but I want to hit feeders like this for arms and shoulders at least 2 times a week. That is all.


That’s the bulldog spirit

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Thanks man

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Haven’t updated much in the last week, but still training as much as time allows. Diet will be changing soon too so I will outline that later.

Quick pre work workout
Push-ups 5 x 20
Chest flys 4 x 15
Rear delt raise 3 x 15