Whiplash : Getting Jacked to be the Scary Dad

Yesterday (Saturday) was a very interesting day to say the least.

In the morning I got things set up for some bow shooting in my back yard, and I did that for about an hour. It’s been awhile so I’m a bit rusty haha.

Wound up doing some random exercises with my son…his main ones that he can do right now is push-ups and kb deadlifts, so I did some pushups and swings with him, which gave me an idea for todays workout that I will post later.

Also bought some groceries…trying to tighten things up a bit diet wise…if I could do a carnivore or keto type diet right now, I totally would but it’s just not in the cards at this moment. So I’m trying to keep fat a tad lower, protein fairly high and carbs moderate to high. I’m not counting any macros, just going by feel, but my own version of mild carb cycling as well.

And then, around 6 last night, my neighbor knocked on my door…my neighbours are an elderly couple in thier 80’s…her husband had fallen and she asked me if I could come help. I have had my first aid for a long time, and I know a couple things, but by no means am I an expert. Her husband is a fairly big man still, but almost no strength left. I did get him into his house, and got him settled, moved his scooter for him and helped bandage his arm because he cut it up as well. And I told them if they need anything to just let me know. But honestly…that was a reminder of how I wish I was doing something else for a living. I have always wanted to be a first responder of some kind…just never panned out for reasons that I don’t really want to bring up on here. Even back when I was 18/19 I wanted to be a firefighter. I always had the military in the back of my mind too but with being a dad I don’t think I could do that now. I wish I could make a career change, to be a police officer or something…I have always had the desire to help people. But with my life situation now I don’t see that happening.

Anyways…I’ll post my workouts later today. That’s all for now.


Sunday Be Unbreakable

Push-ups x 12
Kb swing x 20
Pull-ups x 7
5 rounds

Plate halo x 15
Sit-ups x 20
3 rounds

Banded good mornings x 100

Immediately after this I took my son for his bike ride, and he had me jogging pretty much the whole time. He loves to “race daddy” lol.

My first conditioning circuit really wasn’t too bad. I could definitely adjust the reps slightly or add a round…but it was good anyways. My body still felt an effect. I kept the rest time between rounds to a minimum, and between a couple rounds there was next to no rest. What I liked about that circuit was that there was constant movement with very little downtime, even with it being very straight forward and basic. I kept everything strict, full rom no cheating. The core work was also just simple stuff, but effective. My core is definitely a weak point right now…need to bring it up. And the good mornings were just a nice way to finish things off…100 reps unbroken. Lit up the lower back especially but I felt it through out my posterior chain. Later today will be my “bodybuilding” part.



Back ext. 4x12-15
Single arm row 5x8
Meadows row 4x8
Upright row 4x10
Barbell curl 3 sets
Hammer curl 3 sets

Be unbreakable workout 2

10 min walking lunges

So for my bodybuilding work…just back and biceps. Straight sets, simple work. I might not have a lot of equipment but the landmine thing comes in handy for some stuff…like being able to have single arm rows be heavy enough for the time being. But yeah…just simple straightforward work. I didn’t count reps on my curls, I simply went until it burned like hell and I had to cheat a few reps. Overall it was a good session.

And then I did one more unbreakable session…I went outside and set a 10 min timer and did as many walking lunges as I could. Again I didn’t track reps…I was just wanting to make it hurt. All in all it wasn’t a reps and sets type thing…it was probably closer to one long rest pause set haha. But by the end of those 10 min I was very much out of breath, my heart rate was going pretty good, and my legs were pumped and felt like they had battery acid in them.

Talk about one hell of a Sunday! Lol


Alright so one quick and small mod to my dieting…right now I’m not exactly tracking a whole lot and one of the things I’m trying to do is constantly look for better choices to help eat pretty clean for the most part. I eat sandwiches every day at work because on a construction site they are just convenient and easy…but there are definitely ways of making them better. I recently started using a plant based queso spread from Costco…adds plenty of flavour and whatnot…while being pretty negligible in terms of calories or macros. I don’t know if even use 2 tablespoons worth but for 2, it’s 45 calories, 3f/3c/2p. It’s a small change but I think it’s a good one. Small changes and better choices across the board can add up to some good results at the end of the day.

Also, I have a line on a heavy bag…hopefully the guy gets back to me soon.


Picked up my heavy bag last night and hung it this morning. I’ll make a post after I workout later

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Sunday night

Round 1, warm up
Round 2, left hand jabs
Round 3, right hand jabs
Round 4, jabs and hooks
Round 5, free round

Kb swing x 100
Barbell pushes x 30
Sit-ups x 2 sets to failure

Ok so for boxing…I picked up my bag on Friday night, and tonight was my first real session with it. I went through a session that I found online with the research I was doing in regards to getting into boxing training. So the first round was just light punches, nothing too crazy, just warming up. The rest should be pretty self explanatory. Each round was 3 min with a 1min rest between. Just a simple session. And then I finished off with some kb swings for some explosive conditioning, and barbell pushes. I saw that online as well and figured I’d try it. Last was a couple sets of sit-ups just to finish up.

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Boxing :
4 rounds x 2 min each with 1 min rest
Rounds 1/2 free style focus on power and speed
Rounds 3/4 left hand jab min 1 right hand min 2

Pull-ups x 10/10/7/5
Facepull x 100
Banded twists x 3 sets/side

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3 rounds on the bag
1 free round
2 jabs only
3 free but focus on hooks and upper cuts

20 min walk

Push-ups x 15
Pull-ups x 7
Sit-ups x 15
X 4 rounds

Facepull / plank x 2 rounds

Curls / side raise x 3 rounds

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Sunday pre bed

25 reps tricep push down
25 reps tricep extension
50 reps chest fly
20 min walk

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Landmine row
Landmine press
X 4 rounds

Barbell curl x 4 sets

Straight arm pull-down
X 3 rounds

Hammer curl x 3 sets

Weighted sit-ups x 4 sets

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I’m planning on doing my last workout of the week tonight. I’m taking my son camping in a couple days…so I don’t want to be too sore for that. Between hiking and playing and whatever else we do along with sleeping on the ground…I want to be fresh. I’ll post this workout tonight and then when I get back I’ll kind of update what we got up to on our trip.

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Wed night

Bb curls x 4 sets
Reversed grip bb curl x 4 sets
Db curl x 3 sets

Tricep push down variation 1 x 4 sets
Variation 2 x 4 sets
Tricep extension x 2 sets (I need to be careful with these)

100 sit-ups

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Chest dips 10/10/8/7/5
Incline push-ups 4x15-20 reps
Flys 3 x failure

Tricep push down x 100 reps
Tricep extension bowed out

Kb pullover 3x12
Single arm floor press 2x failure

Sit-ups x 3 sets

What’s a Monday without some chest and triceps? There’s improvement here…dips had been a staple of mine for many many years and the past year maybe year and a half they were lighting up my elbow like crazy. So to be able to get some quality work with them felt really good…despite feeling pretty weak on them. However…extensions still light up my elbow hence why I bowed out. The pullovers and floor press were a nice way to round things out as well.



One arm lat pull-down 3x10-15
Straight arm pullover 3x20
One arm row 10x10
Reverse grip bb row 2x20
Hyper extension 3x15

Bb curl x 3 sets
Db hammer curl x 3 sets
Reverse grip curl x 2 sets

“Cable” crunches x 3 sets

Ain’t nothin but a peanut


Saturday night

Stretching, push-ups, sit-ups etc as a warmup

5k run
8min run 2 min walk rinse and repeat


So last week and up to today I took essentially a deload (I don’t plan them, they just happen from life sometimes). The week/weekend before was nuts with work and did my fair share of training too. Over that weekend before last I had also driven out to my buddies place straight after work on the Saturday (the same day I did that 5k) and then I blasted out his ceiling (drywall taping/mudding/sanding) and had it completely ready for paint between Sunday and Monday…then drove all the way back. He’s three hours away…it was a lot of work to pack in to two days, plus my normal job, training and so on. I was feeling pretty burnt out honestly so I took last week and up to today off of training. Just life giving me a deload. Been eating plenty and been really putting down the milk. Actually getting close to a gallon a day over the past week and half or whatever but not quite. I’ll post today’s training later on.


Wednesday night

Boxing x 4 rounds
Elliptical x 20 min
Chin-ups x 4 sets
Sit-ups x 3 sets
Ab wheel x 3 sets


Today has wound up just being a real hodgepodge of things but that’s ok from time to time. I’m in the mood to just do stuff all day for some reason.

So far :

3 rounds boxing/elliptical
Boxing x 2 min per round
Elliptical during rest periods

Pull-ups/pull-ups x 3 rounds

15 min jogging
20 min “rucking”
My version of rucking is having my kid sitting up in a piggyback and then walking with intention through my neighbourhood, and trying to use the hills as well. It’s not exactly the same but it works pretty good. He’s around 40lbs now so not super heavy but still.

I’ll write out whatever else I wind up doing later.


3 sets handstand push-ups
100 kb swings
Done while cooking lunch