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While We Worry About Iran


The Animals are going after the ready made deal,the Islamic bomb...


Coincidence that they are declaring war on the only Islamic country with nuclear capability?

I think not.What do you all say?


Musharaf should send his army into the lawless areas and clean house already. If the US and Nato attacked from one side and Pakistan from the other, the al-qaeda and taliban elements would have no chance. We tried this stragedy once, but Pakistan does not have the political or religious will to do the job.


I'm willing to bet that Ben-Laden is in Pakistan (and was there all along). His ideology's biggest fans are there (or Saudi Arabia).

Musharraf is toast.


And the next question is,how secure are Pakistans nukes? How many AQ sympathisers are in the armed forces?

Troubling turn of events,this...


Perhaps this will galvanize Pakistan's commitment to OBL's complete eradication


Glass Parkinglot


I agree with Lixy.El Perv is fucked.OBL is a murdering fuckpig,but he is a shrewd murdering fuckpig.

This call for revolt inside Pakistan has been done on his timetable,so I believe he has significant support lined up.

The Mosque debacle?After seeing this,I believe it was enginereed by OBL or an ally of his.

Let's see how this plays out.


I'm hoping this gives Mushareef the cover he needs to get lixy's pals.

He can claim self defense.

The U.S. will, of course, be available to help.

Hopefully, you know who finally get his.



Musharaf is already walking on eggs with the arrest and deportation of Nawaz Sharif, the legitimate PM last week.

Benazir Bhutto has announced she's coming back as well.


If that wasn't enough, the supreme court challenged the fact that the chief of the army is allowed to run for elections.

23 Aug: Supreme Court says exiled ex-PM Nawaz Sharif can return
10 Sep: Mr Sharif arrested and deported to Saudi Arabia on his return to Pakistan
11 Sep: Lawyers for Mr Sharif challenge his deportation in the Supreme Court
15 Sep-15 Oct: Timeframe Gen Musharraf has set for his re-election as president by parliament
18 Oct: Date ex-PM Benazir Bhutto has set for her homecoming
15 November: Parliament expires and general election must be held



All this and no one has even considered India sitting just to the South East licking their lips in anticipation of just the slightest hint of real trouble in Pakistan?

The radical muslims need to think long and hard about overthrowing the current regime.

India will kick the living shit out of Pakistan. I doubt they would blink twice at using their nukes.


How exactly can India contemplate using nukes on a militarily nuclear state?


India might not even need nukes. They may be able to strike Pakistan conventionally if it were turned over to the islamists.

Lixy, if the Islamists do get in charge of Pakistan, do you think they will contemplate using nukes on India or against us in a first strike?

What do you suppose the islamists will do if Bhutto gets in as Pres.? Will this change matters, or radical opinions?


why is this topic titled islamic bomb and not al-qaeda bomb? What does the religion itself have to do with those evil people?


You might want to ask them - they seem to be the ones wrapping themselves in the Koran.


When Pakistan developed the bomb,it was tagged by them as the 'Islamic Bomb',as they were the first primarily Muslim populated nation to developed and posses the bomb.There is no disrespect in the term.


Before people jump on the nuclear bandwagon it should be considered the implications worldwide of using these weapons. It won't look pretty for surrounding countries, US, or the rest of the world in the case of a nuclear exchange.

It wasn't done in the cold war for a reason: MAD. We have to remember that it is a small fraction of these extremists that are the problem. Do we drop a nuke on NYC if we find out that there is a terrorist cell there?


Gee - you think so? Thanks for that insight.

If only your were old enough to actually know what the hell the cold war was.

Is this vroom?

I think vroom is posing as a damn fitness chick.


Thank you, Captain Obvious.


There sure are a lot of people invoking it for it being obvious.


It's a fucking discussion. I highly doubt anyone talking about it has their finger on "the button'.