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Which X-Vest To Buy?

Which x-vest does everyone out there like best…the 40lb model or the 84 lb model?
Are there any differences in the fit? I thought I remember Shugart saying a while back that the 84lb model did fit quite as snuggly and it was for that reason that he preferred the 40 lb model.
Thank you for any input!!

I bought the 40lb one and its great! The 84 lb is a bit much, 40 lbs. is alot more than it sounds. They sell the 84lb. vest to firefighters and people that have to carry large amounts of weight.

I second that notion. I also have the 40 pounder and I think it is enough. I started out at 10 pounds and go up 2 pounds every 3 weeks. I have never sweated so much while training. Good Luck to you.

Well I have the 40 and yes for most things its enough, however if I had iot to do again I would go for the 80 you can always go with less weight in it.

Only drawback could be if it doesnt fit as well.

Hope that helps,