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Which Wrapping Type Do You Prefer?


I like the X above knee cap, because I feel much more stable than just wrapping around


this is of some interest to me, is there any videos on this? I just go around, don't have much technique, and just cheapa$$ wraps tight as hell. Might have to play with some other methods.



I was almost embarrassed to post this, but I have experimented with a few different wrapping styles, and here's what works best for me...May not work for anyone else. I don't know if there is a technical name for this style, but we call it a "condensed wrap". We don't do any crossing over or make any X's. We just overlap the wraps and try to make at least two passes (or layers) over the knee going as tight as possible. We limit how far up and down we go so as to "condense" as much of the wrap as possible at the joint. This allows the wrap to build up in thickness and resists knee flexion, thereby giving us a good boost out of the hole. I have had the X style done by a very good lifter. It does feel "secure" but it takes up wrap that could be used to overlap more and build up more thickness. My $.02


X all the way, think about it..the wrap does stretch top to bottom, it stretches end to end, therefor stretching back on itself in the same direction, so why wouldn't you want more vertical wraps around the knee joint?


Stretch in the vertical orientation is going to do very little if anything to resist knee flexion. That's what I want most out of my wraps - resist knee flexion.


I've generally found the X technique to be a waste of material. For a bigger guy with bigger legs, there just isnt' enough wrap to do all that and still get enough revolutions around the knee. Similar to the poster above, simply wrapping as tight as possible with as many revolutions around the knee as possible has worked best.


I prefer to just start above the knee and as the above poster said "condense" the wrap to secure the knee joint.
It also makes it easier for anyone wrapping my knees, as they don't need a ton of training.


The Nichols Tread technique (shown at 1:40) is my wrapping technique of choice. It's (relatively) comfy, doesn't slip in the hole (unlike the straight wrap), and you can a shitload of wraps.
Get someone to wrap you tight, use a power cable as a lanyard to pull the last bit through, and see if it isn't awesome.


What you are saying .