Which Would Be Easier On The Shoulders?

I have been thinking of some tweaks to a routine. I have had shoulder issues in the past and do not want to head back down the road to injury and rehab. Which, in your opinion and experience, of the following would be easier on the shoulders. The main difference is sets of FSL on bench and press compared to dumbbell bench and press.


Option A

Squat 3x5 Pros/FSL 3x5
Bench 3x5 Pros/FSL 3x5
Dumbbell Rows 5x10
Face Pulls 3x15
Calf raises 3x15/ Triceps press downs 3x10

DB Squat 3x10
Overhead Press 3x5 Pros/FSL 3x5
Trap bar Deadlift 3x5 Pros/Stiff-legged dead lift 3x6-8
Lat Pulldowns 5x10
Ab work 3x15/ /Bicep curls 3x10

Option B

Squat 3x5 Pros
Bench 3x5 Pros
Lat Pulldowns 3x10
Stiff-legged dead lift 3x6-8
Dumbbell Press 3x10
Face Pulls 3x15/ Triceps press downs 3x10

DB Squat 3x10
Overhead Press 3x5 Pros
Trap bar Deadlift 3x5 Pros
Dumbbell Rows 3x10
Dumbbell Bench 3x10
Rear Lateral Raise 3x15/ /Bicep curls 3x10

The one that doesn’t include movements that aggravate whatever shoulder issues you’ve previously had.

I should I mentioned that over the years I have had rotator cuff tears in both shoulders, dislocated my right should twice and according to my doctor I am developing osteoarthritis in both. I just got my bench back up to 140 lb and press at 100 lb using fractional plates and want to keep progressing.

You should get advice and coaching from an expert that examines you - a PT with strength training or coaching experience would be great - not a bunch of strangers on the internet.

I’ve known lifters that had dislocated a shoulder and they all seemed to be doing a lot of stabilization exercises to strengthen the ability of their shoulder musculature to keep the ball in the socket despite the damage to the connective tissue. You should get professional advice and coaching.

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I would think the Option 2 since you could use lighter weight and have a little bit more freedom of movement in each shoulder.

Why add in any thing extra if you have been making gains in whatever you were previously doing?

Have you ever thought of trying a football/ Swiss bar for your shoulder and bench work?