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Which Workout and a Few General Questions


Hi, i am beginning to bulk again and i was deciding between two programs.

Bill Starr 5x5 Beginner or intermediate workout


Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength workout

Im wondering which is the better one to do for me (im 200 lbs, 16 years old, max set of 5 rep bench is 185, and max set of 5 rep for squat is 230). My goal is to basically get as strong as i possibly can in a 6-8 months period so then i work on plyometrics and jumping after (im a basketball player)

Also, i was wondering for the diet, should i follow "Getting big without getting fat" bulk sequence, or is there a prescribed one for either of these workouts that i plan on doing?

Thanks alot


before we go talking bulk here, i have to know what you are 200lbs OF. if its muscle, then you REALLY need to work on strength (this is the least likely scenario considering your lifts are reasonably lower than most people at that body weight) or you are 200lbs of fat in which case bulking is probably not a great idea (again depending on your current physical shape).

that aside, both programs have started many many people on the right path so either will do. just make sure you add in some direct arm work or your arms will probably fall behind in development.


Im about 17-18% body fat.

the reason why my lifts are so low is because i play basketball and do drills for it everyday and that causes alot of muscle fatigues and cns fatigue. In the summer time when i had summer school and only had time to lift, my squat got up to 275 within 2 weeks and my bench was 200+, so i think its more that basketball is tiring me out, but i realize that i am weak as well and i want to change so i decided to post on tmuscle.



Why do you want to bulk for basketball wouldn't that be counter productive?

What is your current program like?

How much lifting have you previously done? Have you dont anything serious or bits and bobs?
(This is important to answer honestly becuse if you havent really dont much you can pick a workout to maximise 'beginner' gains)

Are you going for strength or appearance?

Diet wise it is quite simple, eat healthy, eat often, avoid processed foods and don't be scared of fat. Nuts, coconut milk, olive oil, avocado etc etc


Sorry but something sounds off. You're 16, weigh 200 lbs, say you're weak and have about 17-18% bodyfat? Unless you're like 6'4 I just don't see how someone weighing 200 lbs with 18% bodyfat could be very effective in basketball and said basketball training. I mean for reference Kobe Bryant is 6'6 and weighs 205 lb and I guarantee he's not 18% bodyfat. Something just doesn't add up - knowing your height might help.


No bulking for basketball is needed in all aspects of basketball, right now im trying to get as strong as possible, then ill work on other physical aspects.

ive lifted for about 2 years now, the only reason why my lifts are so low is because ive had numerous ankle injuries that lasted for months and im finally healthy now. (my most recent one was 2 months ago).

right now im going for strength, ill work on appearance /explosiveness, etc after i get 300+ squat which is one of my main priorities.

im 6'1.


Ummm, we have a 200lb weakling(no offense) who want's to get stronger, and put on muscle. Starting strength, milk, good fats, whole wheats or no wheats, and veggies. With a squat like that at your size it should be going up every week, and it will be.


If you've had "numerous ankle injuries that lasted for months" I suggest strengthening your ankles. Joint injuries that last months at age 16 are a worry. If that trend continues you need to evaluate if your basketball prospects at 16 are worth a lifetime with a limp.


I agree with the training recommendations, but at 17-18% body fat he would be better served by tightening up his diet to get leaner.


yep, ill be starting to do ankle work next week (mobility and strengthening) i was just wondering which program is a better one for my needs


theyre both pretty much the same. BUT the one with cleans instead of bbrows would be better for you imo because it will increase the explosive power in the hip extension jdijdovs;dlvsdv.......(it will make you jump higher) make sure you get proper coaching on these first though


Xiao, I have done Bill Starr's 5x5 and gotten stronger and bigger from it. I also play basketball often (pickup games) and center my training around playing better. As a result of this lifting, I can jump higher than I did due to the constant squatting, and I can outmuscle opposing players because I have a stronger core.

However, I feel more sluggish when running up and down the court because of the extra weight that added muscle comes with. I think this is because the Bill Starr program focuses on putting up big numbers and taking time between sets, which doesn't improve your conditioning. I'm 5'10 and 165lbs and I put up similar lifting numbers to you. If I were you, I would focus on a training program with short rest periods, like 1-2 minutes between sets because it will help you on the court.


okay thank you rickyho.

im starting starting strength now by mark and im trying to eat alot more than i usually do and i feel a lot better than i did weeks ago (not as sore).

im just wondering how do i know if im in taking too much carbs?


okay thank you rickyho.

im starting starting strength now by mark and im trying to eat alot more than i usually do and i feel a lot better than i did weeks ago (not as sore).

im just wondering how do i know if im in taking too much carbs?