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Which Will Sabotage Me the Least

Hey, been lurking here for some time now, and I consider this site a goldmine.
I’ve been learning a lot about nutrition here and doing better than ever until I got drafted to the army (Serving here is mandatory).
Now, I’m only home for two days out of every two weeks.
I have a room but no fridge and no cooking tools.
I’m offered two meals a day here- lunch and dinner.

Both meals have common dishes like;
A tomato and cucumber salad
white bread
occasionally some apples or persimmons.

Lunch usually offers:
A few types of carbs, including:
Deep fried potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Fried white rice
White pasta with sauce

And a kind of “meat” which is one of the following:
Fried hamburger or kabab
Fried sausages
Sausages coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

Dinner offers either the fried white rice or the pasta with sauce,
but at least it also offers cottage cheese and boiled eggs.

*Several dishes including deep fried pancakes
(to the point where they become semi-transparent)
and things that either float or are sunk in a pool of oil
were omitted due to obvious reasons.

I’ve been bringing some stuff from home with me, this includes:
Canned tuna
Dried pineapple slices

So far I’ve been eating a can of tuna and some pineapples for breakfast.
Some salad, bread, a little bit of one of the carbs, and a lot of meat (unless it’s the coated sausages- I don’t touch that shit) for lunch.
Again salad, bread, cottage cheese and boiled eggs for dinner.
And another can of tuna and some nuts later at night (since dinner is at 6 and I go to sleep at about 11)

Any advice on what I should eat more of, and what I should avoid and suggestions on things I should bring with me are welcome.
Mind you I have a limited budget and a very limited space in my bags.

Are you bulking or cutting? What kind of shape are you in? How well do you react to carbs? Are the dried pineapple slices sweetened?

pretty lean and about 165 lbs
no idea
not sweetened

where do you live?

If you’re in the army, then you’re likely burning a LOT of calories hiking, physical tests, etc, and if you’re lifting as well, then you’ll be needing a LOT of calories.

At you’re weight, don’t be afraid of carbs (especially with all of the activity you’re doing). I know plenty of very thin people who are constantly active who eat like crap. I also know people who were in the army who said they’d eat 6-7000 calories/day and maintain their weight. You’d probably have to do the same.

Go for the healthier options (not fried stuff), but don’t worry too much about eating refined carbs if you need the calories to grow.