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Which whey?

My local BB shop has Twinlab’s 100% whey and Optimum Nutrition’s 100% whey on special. Both are 2.27kg and cost about the same - which do you guys think tastes best and is superior in quality? I think some Surge is in the cards as soon as it arrives in Oz too!

I go thru a lot of Optimum Whey. It mixes well and tastes pretty good.

Optimum whey gets my vote too. The vanilla tastes great. I just picked up 8 jugs of it last week.

I too can get Optimum Nutrition products at a great price. Does anyone know if Optimum is a quality brand? Should I trust their products?

Here’s another vote for Optimum Nutrition, I use their whey, pre-load creatine, and glutamine. I like all of their products.