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Which Whey?

Dr. Mercola sent out the warning recently about certain whey protein isolates (that processing can lead to isomerization of the protein, creating an effect similar to trans-fats) and recommends mostly whey concentrate. His product is a mere $25/pound on sale, of course, but I’m just not finding much that isn’t mostly isolate. Any opinions?

Before I say anything: I don’t know anything about this subject, I just have an opinion.

Sounds like a pretty decent marketing ploy to me. Come up with a study bashing a group of products then market your own “good” product? I would be warry is all I’m saying.

Find out which whey ( you said certain) and avoid those.

The problem is the processing method. He doesn’t specify, and I’m sure there are so many out there it would be almost impossible to tell all the ones who use acid and those who don’t. With that said, I’m sure a good part of it is marketing. But if it does turn out that trans-proteins are bad like trans-fats turned out to be (and look at how many people jumped on that bandwagon when they came out)…I’d like to know for sure.

$25 a pound for protein is f**king rediculous, therefore I would say he is full of shit. Just my opinion however.

He sounds wishy washy. And you are listening tohim because???

If you make an accusation, you better be prepared to back it. As mentioned above, sounds like a marketing ploy. Good luck with that.

Total BS. That dude is just trying to sell his product. Not only is his opinion on isolates completely incorrect, his product is way over priced.

here are some excerpts: