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Which Whey is Better?

Wondering how big a difference there is in the actual quality of products. I see a small difference in the amount of protein, but its only slight. I see a 15 dollar difference in price though. I want a good whey, but cant see the differences between the whey products, any advice or comments if you have used either products??

what two wheys are you comparing?

What two products are you tying to decided between?

I buy my protein from a company that gets it straight from the dairy factory, not off mass produces and big companies…

No ‘blinged up’ packaging or pretty pictures on the bags and the quality of the mix is the best ive ever had and the protein % per 100g is about 85 which is pretty decent.

Oh and its WPI btw…

It was GNC whey, and wheybolic extreme pro. They must of took it out of the title for some odd reason(maybe because its owned by another company) Buti was wondering if the 10 dollar price increase for how the amount is worth it. Is isolate that much better then concentrate whey? And is 20 grams of isolate whey better then 20 grams protein of concentrate whey?